Aegean is a region in the shadow of antiquity. At one time witnessed to the birth of western civilization, the shores of the Aegean are the most beautiful in Anatolia. It's home to large stretches of sandy beaches nestled to green hillsides.

Aegean Region consists of the west part of Turkey. The region occupies 11% of the total area of Turkey with its 79.000 km² of land. Most of the population and cities are concentrated on the coastline because of its convenience for sea transportation and tourism.


Aegean Travel Guide

Whatever the reason you have gone to the Aegean, you will find something enjoyable. The most stunning tones of blue will meet you at the paradise-like coves.

You can dive, surf, sail, parachute, water-ski and so on. Moreover, thermal waters that have been used for therapeutic purposes for centuries is a good reason to stay in the cities of Aegean.

You can visit the ruins that are like an open-air museum. Tracing humanity’s journey of faith by visiting the sacred sites of many religions attracts lots of people from all around the World to Aegean.


Exploring the Area


The Aegean is one of the most beautiful places in Turkey. It has a charming coastline and clean waters. Over 5000 years of history of the region brings out the remains of ancient civilizations. Indeed, Aegean appeals to all kinds of people such as culture seekers, adventure fans, and fun lovers. Along the coastal road, there are convenient places for every taste and budget.

Aegean Region attracts a lot of tourists with its archeology and history features: Ephesus and Bergama in Izmir; Pamukkale(Hierapolis) in Denizli, Priene in Aydin, Miletos, Didim, Afrodisias, Knidos in Datca, Halikarnassus in Bodrum, Sardis ruins in Manisa.

Ephesus Antique City

Two of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World are present in the Aegean region (Temple of Artemis at Ephesus and Mausoleum at Halicarnassus). In addition, the House of Virgin Mary and Basilica of St.John in Seljuk, Apollo temple in Didim draw countless tourists.

Today, holiday hubs such as Akcay, Oren, Ayvalik, Foca, Cesme, Kusadası, Didim, Gulluk, Bodrum, Datca and Marmaris have become a real tourism center in the summer season.


Major Historical Sites in Aegean

  •  The ancient city of Ephesus (Izmir)
  •  The ancient city of Bergama (Izmir)
  •  Pollio fountain (Izmir)
  •  Kula fairy chimneys (Manisa)
  •  Priene ancient city (Aydin)
  •  Çeşme Castle (Izmir)
  •  Crying rock (Manisa)
  •  Bodrum Castle (Mugla)
  •  Mother Mary’s house (Izmir)
  •  Clock tower (Izmir)
  •  Efes Celsus library (Izmir)
  •  Lycian rock tombs (Mugla)
  •  Temple of Apollo (Mugla)
  •  Bodrum antique theater (Mugla)
  •  Agora outdoor museum (Izmir)
  •  Trajan Fountain (Izmir)
  •  Temple of Artemis (Izmir)
  •  Milas Antique City (Mugla)
  •  Bodrum Castle (Mugla)
  •  Temple of Aphrodisias (Aydin)
  •  Karahisar Castle (Afyon)
  •  Muradiye Mosque (Manisa)


Aegean Holiday Resorts

Aegean coasts host dozens of famous beaches in the boundaries of Izmir, Aydin and Mugla. Cesme in Izmir, Kusadasi in Aydin, Fethiye, Marmaris and Bodrum in Mugla are among the most suitable holiday resorts that come to mind in terms of summer vacation.

Eating and Drinking

The culinary culture that develops under the influence of Izmir’s own traditional eating and drinking culture is undoubtedly much richer than the Cretan Cuisine. These traditional dishes based on fish and seafood are also influenced by Bosniak, Albanian, Jewish, Levantine cultures. Salted tunny, sardines on paper, baguette eggs, lobster fillet skewers, kebabs on grapevines, mackerel prepared with mullet are some of these traditional dishes.

Aegean Cuisine

Vegetable dishes are also important in Aegean Cuisine. Artichoke dishes, beans, and stuffed eggplant are often cooked. Meals made with red meat doesn’t usually have much room in Aegean Cuisine.

The video below illustrates many highlights of Aegean Region as well as that of all Turkey.


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