Turkey's Surfing Paradise

Alacati is one of the famous summer tourism addresses of Turkey. Connected to Cesme district of Izmir, It is remembered with the sea suitable for wind surfing and famous stone houses. The neighborhood is an indispensable destination for a lovely trip plan to relax and find peace, as well as being the address of domestic and foreign surf enthusiasts throughout the year.

Historically, the area has been used as a settlement since ancient times. The name in this period was Agrilia. Later, the region became the center of Ionia and became an important place for Western Anatolia. In the Ottoman period, Alacaat Tribe entitled the settlement as their own land. Then, the neighborhood began to be called Alacaat village.

The stone houses of today that remains from village’s heritage were built in the second half of the 1800’s. In this period, the vineyards and wine of the region were famous. At the same time, the population of Alacati  mostly composed of the Greeks increased at a great speed. The Greek-Turkish lifestyle continued until the Balkan War and then the population exchange. Together with the Turks, tobacco production, melon production, animal husbandry have also been important for the region. In the 1990s, surfers who discovered Alacati played an important role in the recognition of this place and in the opening up to world tourism.


Alacati will impress you with its colorful restaurants, cobbled streets, stone houses hanging from the balcony with bougainvillea, famous windmills and unique beauty sea.


Where is Alacati?

Alacati is a neighbourhood of İzmir’s Cesme district in the Aegean region.


When to Go to Alacati?

Alacati has a temperate climatic characteristic. The wind blows all year round. In other words, it’s windy here almost 330 days a year. These winds that’s chilling people even in the summer at temperatures of 40 degrees is the greatest chance of the neighbourhood. The winters are also obstructing too much coldness due to the southwestern winds. On this point, Alacati is a year-round tourism center.

You can choose Alacati for both surfing and swiming in summer months. If you want to spend your days living calm and peaceful, you may enjoy the pleasure of exploring the town in April and May. There are also people coming to Alacati to participate in The Herb Festival that took place in April.

Alacati-Herb Festival

The Herb Festival


How to get to Alacati?

You can easily reach Alacati by plane, bus or private car from many parts of Turkey.


By Plane: You can have a direct flight or connect from Istanbul to Izmir Adnan Menderes Airport. From there, Alacati isn’t so far via highway. In fact, it’s located 90 km away from the airport.


By Bus: Another alternative for transportation is the bus. For instance, you can come to Cesme from Istanbul with an 8 hour bus journey. There are frequent shuttles to Alacati especially during summer months.


By Sea: You can get to Alacati by joining private yachts or any cruise.


Where to stay in Alacati?

Alacati is a cute Izmir county that offers you a colorful catalog which is difficult to choose from accommodation alternatives. You can spend your nights in stone houses or hotels. Alacati has many options from luxury hotels to lower budget places. Alternatively, you can stay in Cesme and get there early in the day.

Stone houses near the center are scattered almost everywhere. The restoration of the houses has been made without traditional architectural deformation. Forehand research based on the terms of service would be perfect to find the best suitable accomodation option. Therefore, you can spend the night of your days in Alacati satisfactorily.


Transportation in Alacati

If you are not in a hurry, you do not even need to drive in Alacati. Exploring Alacati on food and strolling freely on the cobbled streets provide matchless photo opportunities.

Another option is to rent a bicycle and enjoy the town by pedaling. The use of bicycles is a common habit in Alacati. Couples can find tandems to go sightseeing in the vicinity.

You can also rent a car at the airport and explore the area and even nearby spots with a car. Rental cars are available in the airport. On the other hand, you can benefit from a car rental company in Alacati. Vehicle prices and models have been diversified to fit every budget.

In addition, public vehicles vehicles namely minibuses and dolmushes provide transportation between Cesme-Alacati and other neighboring points. You can use these minibuses to travel to settlements close to Alacati. They depart every 10 minutes and are in service from 07:00 am to 12:00 pm.

Press here to book a hotel in Alacati.

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