Cappadocia, Nevsehir

Cappadocia is the most beautiful destination where nature and history are integrated.

Cappadocia Region, which is one of the most important tourism centers of Turkey, attracts local and foreign tourists with its Fairy Chimneys and balloon tours.

Goreme Open Air Museum, Pasabagi and Zelve ruins, Uc Guzeller, Uchisar, Kaymakli and Derinkuyu underground cities, Urgup and Avanos are among the most visited centers in Cappadocia where more than 2.5 million tourists come.

Cappadocia is the name of a very large geography. It’s impossible to visit all of them in a few days. Cappadocia is a place you can visit for 4 seasons whenever you get the chance. So do not go fast on all of them. Stay somewhere every time you arrive; In Urgup, Goreme, Uchisar or Ortahisar. Start your trip around based on that. The more time you spend on Cappadocia, the more it will reveal its own beauty. Travel with the necessary dedication and allocate plenty of time as there are enchanting wonders in here.

Secrets of Fairy Chimneys

While geographical events creates the fairy chimneys (Peri Bacalari) in the historical process, people employed them as houses, churches, and adorned with frescoes inside these fairy chimneys.

Fairy chimneys carries the traces of ancient civilizations thousands of years old. Traditional Cappadocian houses and dovecotes carved into the rocks express the uniqueness of the region. In the nineteenth century, these houses were built on slopes by rocks or cutting stones.

Because of the volcanic structure of the stone, which is the only architectural material of the region, it can be processed very easily since it is soft after it has been removed from the quarry. However, after coming into contact with air, it hardens and becomes a very durable building material. Because of the abundance of the materials used and their easy handling, stone craftsmanship, which is unique to the locality, has developed and become an architectural tradition.

The material of the courtyard and the house doors is wood. The upper parts of the arched doors are decorated with stylized ivy or rosette motifs. The dovecotes in the district are small structures made in the late 19th and 18th centuries.

Some of the dovecotes that are important in terms of showing the art of Islamic painting were built as monasteries or churches. The surfaces of dovecotes were adorned with rich ornaments and inscriptions by local artists.

Cappadocia, Nevsehir
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