Festivals in Istanbul

Festivals are an important part of social life in Istanbul where at least 20 million people live.

Nightlife is already active in Istanbul, but the festival atmosphere is different, more colorful. We’ve listed for you the festivals organized in this metropolitan city. Since event dates change from year to year, you can follow Istanbul Activities on our website if you want to get detailed information.


International Istanbul Puppet Festival

Istanbul-Puppet Festival

The world’s most distinguished puppeteers come to Istanbul for the Puppet Festival and show puppet cultures alive. This festival, which is followed by large masses in the world, will be held on 13-31 October 2017 this year.

International Istanbul Puppet Festival is a special festival organized to promote puppet art. Since its foundation in 1998, the festival has hosted many communities from Japan to Brazil, as well as puppet groups using different techniques. The 20th activity of this festival offers great shows for all art lovers in the coming days.


Istanbul International Dance Festival


The festival, which is attended by 5 thousand dancers from all over the world, is being organized in different venues every April. A wide variety of dances are taking scene at the festival. With live performances for 6 days, the audience is having unforgettable moments.

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International Istanbul Film Festival

Istanbul-Film Festival

The film festival, which has been organized regularly since 1982, takes place in April under the sponsorship of Istanbul Foundation for Culture and Arts (IKSV). Various cinemas feature special screenings as part of the film festival. This festival has a considerable reputation on the international platform. You can watch the movie you want in categories like adaptations, movies and arts, documentary madness.

2018 International Istanbul Film Festival Dates: Apr 7, 2018 – Apr 17, 2018


Istanbul Shopping Fest


Istanbul Shopping Fest offers you the perfect opportunity for the ultimate ‘Istanbul’ experience and a shopping spree.

Let’s just say shopping frenzy. There are big discounts in contracted stores and the discounts are not limited to hours. The annual festival is held in June every year.


Istanbul Jazz Festival

Istanbul-Jazz Festival

Summer in Istanbul comes with the Istanbul Jazz Festival!

The festival organized by Istanbul Foundation for Culture and Arts (IKSV) every year brings together the best of soul, jazz and funk with Istanbul. The 23-year festival is not arranged every year in the same place. Get ready for surprises with different music in different venues.

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International Istanbul Opera Festival

Opera Festival

After Istanbul was entitled as “European Capital of Culture” in 2010, Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Turkey started the opera festival. The festival, which appeals to all ages, has managed to reach more people over time. Domestic and foreign opera artists visit Istanbul every year for this festival.


Istanbul Music Festival

Istanbul-Music Festival

The music festival, supported by Istanbul Foundation for Culture and Arts (IKSV), has been held every year since 2006. The festival, which took place around May and June, extends to various branches of music.




At the “Filmekimi”, the best-awarded films that won prizes in Cannes and Venice come to the screen.

In fact, Filmekimi is a lifestyle that Istanbul people are now getting used to. When October comes, Filmekimi starts. The festival, which brings hundreds of films to the stage, is doing good works with the prestige of Istanbul Foundation for Culture and Arts.


International Istanbul Gastronomy Festival

Istanbul Gastronomy Festival

There could not be a better festival to promote the Turkish cuisine. World cuisine and Turkish cuisine meet at the international festival. The flavors are competing and new recipes are emerging.


Istanbul Tulip Festival

Istanbul Tulip Festival

No wonder the Ottomans called a period as “tulip era”. The Tulip has cultural values and mythological characteristics in Turkish past. Especially at the Emirgan Park, 120 kinds of tulips grow. In places where tulips blossom, arts such as marbling, sculpture, and photography are ready to view. Furthermore, the biggest tulip carpet of the world is displayed in Sultanahmet Square.

You can also take part in the Photography Contest by taking photographs of the tulips in Istanbul’s parks, gardens, gardens, and mansions.


Festivals in Istanbul
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