Tips to Find a Cheaper Holiday in Turkey

Many holidaymakers are wondering how to make a cheap holiday in Turkey. In fact, a lower-priced holiday is very attractive not only for Turkey but also for every part of the world.

It is almost everyone’s dream to be able to make a holiday at reasonable prices. We have the best ways to do this for you. The fact that currencies such as dollars and euros are so valuable makes Turkey preferable in itself. But there are still things you need to consider for an affordable holiday in Turkey. EpicTurkey shares 8 golden rules for those who want to keep their holiday spending at the minimum level.


Ways to Have a Low-Budget Holiday

Take Action for Early Booking

Cheap Holiday in Turkey

As everyone may guess, the first secret to have a cheap tour or hotel reservation is to make your holiday plans at least 5-6 months in advance and take advantage of early booking opportunities. Early reservations will cut hotel expenses by up to 50 percent, and those who fly by air will also be able to buy airline tickets for 50-60 percent cheaper.


Make Reservation via Internet

Economic Holiday in Turkey

Make your holiday reservation through online sites. Many holiday sites offer great opportunity campaigns. It is possible to easily check everything on the internet, read all the details and find the same hotel on many sites if necessary. In today’s world, information is everything. The more informed you are, the cheaper you will have accommodation.


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Catch Up Last Minute Deals

Inexpensive Holiday in Turkey

Those who miss early bookings are still able to get an affordable holiday. Last-minute discounts from hotels or online tour agencies often do pave the way for great savings.


Purchase Through Cashback Sites

In recent years, cashback sites have become a necessity for online shopping. Even if you will make an early booking, shopping through cashback sites will get you to earn extra cash. Thus, you will be able to extend your holiday with cash money or make a holiday at a top class hotel.


Prefer Travel Packages That Include Transportation

Find the Cheapest Airline to Turkey

If your travel agency offers transportation inclusive package, be sure to consider it. Especially at the times when you have planned your holiday for the last-minute and you have to travel by airline, put emphasis on to have a package that satisfies your transportation needs. Even if another agent gives a lower price for the same hotel, calculate your possible transport expenses and make your choice over the hotel + transportation total value.


Compare Prices

reasonable prices in Turkey

Hotel prices may vary among agents as hotels contract separately with agents. Using the comparison sites, it is possible to find the most reasonable price among the agencies. In addition, since hotels make online reservations too, the price of the agent and the hotel’s own price must also be compared.


Search Best Prices on Foreign Websites

Best Price Holiday in Turkey

There is no more local-foreign concept on the Internet. There are also foreign sites where you can book holidays online. Most of them are able to give very competitive prices for Turkish hotels by publishing in your own language.


Opt for Calm Seasons

Christmas Holiday in Turkey

The periods of the highest prices of the summer are the July-August period and religious feasts in Turkey. As for the winter season, the accommodation in the new year holiday and the semester can be relatively costly. If you make a choice other than these, the prices drop considerably.

Tips to Find a Cheaper Holiday in Turkey
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