How to Get a Visa for Turkey?

You want to go to Turkey. But you do not know how to get the visa. In this article we tell you the way to get a visa from Turkey. We will also try to find answers to some of the questions in your mind.

How do I apply for a visa to Turkey?

Foreigners who will travel to Turkey need to take “Electronic-Visa” from ​​or apply to Turkey foreign representatives in person.

Due to delays in visa submissive processing, it may be useful to apply for visa at least one month before the planned travel date.


What are the visa requirements of Turkey?

  • E-visa has substituted “banderol” or “stamp” visas presented at the border gates. Applicants can get their visa electronically by entering the necessary information from ​​and making their payment by credit card. Upon successful completion of the application, e-Visas are sent to the person’s e-mail address. Applicants are required to print the e-Visa and keep it for airline and customs authorities until the end of their show and travel.
  • E-visa is not valid for travel to Turkey except for tourist or commercial purposes (work, student, etc.). Such visa applications must be made to Turkish diplomatic missions.
  • If you are going to Turkey for special purposes such as study, study etc., you should get a suitable visa from Turkish Embassies or Consulates in your country.
  • The following information does not include professional drivers. It will be useful to get information from the nearest Turkish foreign representative about the visa regime applied to the professional drivers.
  • Passport validity period should be at least six months longer than the end of the requested visa period.
  • The term “official passport” includes diplomatic, service, personal and official passports.
  • Visitors who have “Travel Document” are required to get a visa from Turkish Embassies or Consulates.
  • Except for those who can benefit from visa exemption, all foreigners must get e-visa from or regular visa from Turkish diplomatic offices. Foreigners from countries where Turkey does not have a diplomatic representative need to apply for a visa to the accredited countries’  offices.


How to Get a Visa for Turkey?
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