Bodrum Castle

Bodrum Castle

Probably the most popular historical spot in the area, Bodrum Castle is one of the cultural tourism points that attracts both domestic and foreign tourists.


Bodrum Paradise Cove

Bodrum Paradise Cove

This bay is fully identified with its name. The mix of green and blue is matchless in here.


Karaincir Cove



Karaincir Cove, which has a magnificent beauty between the two hills, deserves to be one of the highlights of Bodrum. Peerless beaches and warm sea water lead to be preferred by many holidaymakers.


Aquarium Cove

Bodrum Aquarium Cove

It is a place that looks exactly like an aquarium, shining brightly in the blue.


Gunbatimi Beach (Sunset Beach)

Bodrum Sunset Beach

As it’s clear from the name, you can enjoy the panoroma of sunsets on the smooth sand.


Fener Beach

Bodrum Fener Beach

This beach is ideal for those who want to sunbathe with the breeze winds. In terms of location, it is a zone of light winds.


Myndos Gate

Bodrum Myndos Gate

Bodrum has been in an important position in every province in its fascinating history. The first vertex Alexander the Great, the most famous leader of his period, deployed the troops in the siege of Bodrum was the Myndos Gate. Domestic and foreign tourists show great interest to the gate as it’s worth the time to see.


Pedasa Ancient City

bodrum pedasa ancient city

A carefully preserved historical heritage. Among the “must-see”s in Bodrum is there Pedasa Ancient City which reflects a light from the past.


Bodrum Antique Theater

The huge antique theater has feature of the oldest theater in Anatolia. The structure with capacity of 13,000 people continues to host many festivals and concerts today.


Apostol Church

Bodrum Apostol Church

The Apostol Church, one of the most important structures in the historical places of Bodrum, is located in Gundogan County and stands as the focus of Bodrum’s vacationers.


Zeki Muren Art Museum

Bodrum Zeki Muren Museum

The unforgettable name of Turkish Art Music Zeki Müren’s house in Bodrum has been hosting its guests since 2000 as a museum. Many items belonging to the artist are exhibited.



Bodrum Lassos

It is a Bodrum stop that is worth seeing with its immaculate sea and charming beauty where exquisite olive oil is produced with dedication.


Huseyin Burnu Lighthouse

Bodrum Huseyin Burnu Lighthouse

The lighthouse, with its French architectural character, sits on an ideal altittude to have a beautiful sea view. In addition, the historic building next to the lighthouse is now serving as a restaurant. While you are enjoying delicious delicacies, you can gaze at the crystal clear sea and endless horizons.



Bodrum Adabogazi

You can sprawl on a charming island and enjoy the beauty of the sea, which is very rare. Transportation is effortless because of the short distance to the island.


Tuzla Bird Paradise

Bodrum Tuzla Bird Paradise

The focal point of birdwatchers between November and April, Tuzla Bird Paradise witnesses the birds dance show that enchants visitors.


Bodrum Bar Street


Bodrum Bar Street

It is one of the most famous spots of Bodrum. In the gleaming Bodrum’s nightlife, dozens of high-level entertainment takes place in this street until the first lights of the morning. It is a point you will enjoy the picturesques of Bodrum.



Gumbet Bar Street

Bodrum Gumbet Bar Street

As famous as Bodrum Bar Street, Gumbet has a vivid night life with its colorful entertainment spots.

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