Istanbul is one of the most prominent cities in the world in terms of its historical and natural riches. Despite the fact that the population increases day by day, Istanbul created a unique order in chaos. Usually, tourist spots are collected in the area called Historical Peninsula. In the past, it has been talked about closing this region to traffic, but no decision has been taken in this direction.

Holiday in Istanbul offers travelers lots of attractions. First of all, sightseeing in the Historic Peninsula is a must do. However, we only list Top Attractions in Istanbul that can make your holiday exceptional.

Sip the Best Turkish Coffee

Turkish Coffee

While touring in Beyoglu, enjoy sparkling Turkish coffee in Mandabatmaz, the place that makes Istanbul’s best Turkish coffee.


Drive to Prince Islands by Sea Taxi

Istanbul-Prince Islands-2

Take a sea taxi in the early morning and move away to the Princes Islands …


Visit The Tortoise Trainer

Tortoise Trainer

On a cold winter day, enter the Pera Museum and watch Osman Hamdi Bey’s Turtle Tracer to warm up in Beyoglu.


Join Easter in the Russian Church

St.Antoine Church

On Christmas night, view the rituals held at St. Antoine Church in Beyoglu or St.Esprit Cathedral in Harbiye. Alternatively, go to the Easter rite in one of the Russian Orthodox Churches in Karakoy.


Celebrate Mihrimah Sultan’s Birthday

Mihrimah Sultan Mosque

Mihrimah Sultan was born on the 21st of March. The name means ‘sun and moon’. Enter the Galata Tower on March 21st, when daytime equals nighttime, watch the sunrise at Mihrimah Sultan Mosque in Edirnekapi and accordingly the birth of the moon on the Mihrimah Sultan Mosque in Uskudar. You will admire The Architect Mimar Sinan.

Top Attractions
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