The Best Rafting Venues in Turkey

There are many beautiful places where rafting can be done in Turkey. If you are one of those exciting sports lovers, your place alternative is quite a lot.

Due to the fact that Turkey has a young rock formation, the river has not reached its equilibrium profile. The flow rates are therefore very high. Turkey is well suited for this sport because the rafting is a sport done through the rivers in which the current is high and the flow rate is always high.

Rafting is a dangerous sport that keeps the adrenalin high. It is therefore dangerous to start without thorough supervision.

In rafting, the tracks are numbered from 1 to 9 according to the difficulty level. Even the most professional rafters can make this sport on the 5th track. Doing this sport on more difficult tracks means carrying some life-threatening risks.

Here are the best rankings of rafting venues in Turkey.


10 places you can raft in Turkey

Coruh River

Rafting at Coruh River

It is one of the fastest flowing rivers of Turkey. The length of the Coruh River is 466 km. After passing several provinces, it is poured from Georgia into the Black Sea. There are 4 different stages of rafting on Coruh River.

Bayburt-İspir: difficulty level 2-3

İspir-Çamlıkaya: difficulty level 3-4

Çamlıkaya-Tekkale: difficulty level 3-4-5

Tekkale-Artvin: difficulty level 3-4-5


Firtina (Storm) Valley

Rafting at Firtina Valley

It is located in the Eastern Black Sea, about 23 km in length. There is heavy demand in May and June. The difficulty level varies between 3-4. Besides rafting, nature sports such as mountaineering and trekking can be actively performed in Kackar Mountains.


Dalaman Stream

Rafting at Dalaman Stream

The length of the Dalaman Stream, located between Marmaris and Fethiye, is 229 km. Because of being in the tourist area, rafting is done every season. For some months the difficulty level could be 3-4 depending on the water level, while in the seasons when the water level falls, the difficulty level gets down to 2.


Ikizdere River

Rafting at ikizdere

With its rich natural resources, high mountains, lush valleys and prolonged rivers, Ikizdere is one of the most ideal places for fun and adrenaline-filled nature sports such as rafting, river canyon, river skiing and canyon passes. It has a three-stage rafting track. The average course lasts 1-1.5 hours. Difficulty level 1-2.


Melen Stream

Rafting at Melen

It is very close to Istanbul and therefore popular. The difficulty level of the Melen River with its 16 km rafting track is 3.


Dragon Stream

Rafting at Dragon Stream

Dragon Stream, also known as Anamur Stream, flows in the boundaries of Mersin province. It springs from the Toros Mountains and has about 10 km of parking. Difficulty level of track is 1-2.

Koprulu Stream

It covers a very wide area including the Koprulu Canyon national park. Mostly, amatuers prefer this venue for rafting. It is one of the least dangerous rafting tracks and the difficulty level is 1-2.


The Best Rafting Venues in Turkey
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