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Enjoy the splendid nature and scenery on the Aegean and Mediterranean coasts by boat tour.

Marmaris Boat Tours is the most popular tour which is preferred by many local and foreign tourists every year.

You can pick one out of about 10 different boat tours organized by this company. It is advantageous for you to book Marmaris Boat Tours in advance, especially for holidays and other official holidays.

Boat trips start at 9.00 am and arrive at around 17.00 pm. All boat tours include lunches and drinks are offered for free based on the tour package.


Destinations on The Route

There are 7 different destination in Marmaris Boat Tour for photo taking and swimming breaks. Each of the swimming breaks ranges from 30 minutes to 45 minutes.

  • Paradise Island and Fish Farm (Photo)
  • Aquarium Bay (Swimming Break)
  • Phosphorous Cave (Known as Wish Cave – Photo)
  • Amos & Kumlubuk (Swimming and Lunch Break)
  • Turunc (You can visit this charming town and you can also swim at Turunc Beach)
  • Green Sea (Swimming Break)


What to Bring

You will not need anything except a swimming suit, towel, sun cream, and your camera. If you are overwhelmed and bored by the city life, it is the best option to be recommended. You can enjoy day-long fun with your family or friends.

Besem Travel Agency
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