Autumn Holiday in Turkey

As the summer season ends, you may think that the holiday is far away from you. Is that real?

You may have more pleasure than summer in these lukewarm days of autumn. Actually, it depends on the destination you prefer for autumn holiday. Turkey has wonderful destinations on this regard.

We have searched for you places to relax your soul, especially with the climate, calmness and beauty of the autumn season.




In Istanbul, but away from the horde of Istanbul, Buyukada smells romance in the autumn. The overwhelming crowd that flocked in the summer has gone, leaving only a mystical residence where the inhabitants lived. For those who do not want to get away from Istanbul, Buyukada will be a perfect choice for an autumn vacation.


How to Get to Buyukada

If you are considering how to go to Buyukada, you should first know that your road must intersect with Istanbul. You can reach Istanbul by bus, plane or private vehicle and you can complete the journey by sea.

After coming to Istanbul;

You can travel to Buyukada by ferry lines such as IDO, Turyol, Mavi Marmara or by sea taxi departing from many piers including Eminonu, Kabatas, Bostanci, Avcilar, Kartal.

You will reach the island after a journey of maximum 1.5 hours thanks to the Buyukada ferry services that run from the ports we specify.




Located in the vicinity of Canakkale, Bozcaada is especially suited for those planning holidays in the beginning of autumn!

The vintage festivals held in September, the grapes remaining in the vineyards, lukewarm sea, and the coves, hotels, restaurants waiting for you with the vacancy of the island … Believe it or not, Bozcaada is more beautiful in autumn.




Assos (Behramkale) is a village in Canakkale, Ayvacik district in the North Aegean. It’s on the top list of destinations to be visited in the autumn due to the oxygen abundance, nature and mythological history of the Kaz Mountains. Transportation to Assos is also quite simple as it’s very close to Canakkale.


How to Get to Assos

By car

You have to cross the Dardanelles Strait to come to Istanbul from Assos by car. You may take a ferry from different points. Click for ferry timetable in the Dardanelles Strait:

  •  Gallipoli – Lapseki (20 min)
  •  Eceabat – Canakkale (15 min)
  •  Kilitbahir – Canakkale (7 min)

After crossing, drive in about 1 hour via Ezine-Ayvacik  to get to Assos. By car Istanbul-Assos is 6-7 hours, Izmir-Assos is 3-4 hours away. If you prefer fast ferries between Istanbul and Bandirma, you will drive less.

By bus

There are no direct bus services to Assos from the big cities. After arriving at Ayvacik, Kucukkuyu or Altınoluk by Canakkale Troy, Kamil Koc or Metro buses, you can reach Assos by minibusses which depart hourly or taxi.

By plane

You can fly from Istanbul to Canakkale or Edremit and get to Assos via transit minibusses or taxi. It is 60 km from Assos to Edremit and 90 km from Assos to Canakkale.




Amasra is a natural wonder that turns into a magical place in the fall. This beautiful seaside town of Bartin is particularly preferred by couples in this season. You can enjoy the forests that begin to change color and eat delicious fish in unpretentious restaurants.

Amasya can be reached by road from almost every city. It is also very easy to take buses at certain times of the day. The closest airport to Amasya is Samsun, which is about 150 km away from the center of the city. If you want to reach the city with your private car, the roads are flat and comfortable.

To be more clear, let’s put the distance of Amasya from big cities:

  • It is 340 km between Ankara and Amasya and it takes about 4 and a half hours.
  • Bursa – Amasya 700 kilometers and takes about 9 hours.
  • It is 670 kilometers from Istanbul to Amasya and takes about 9 hours.




Cappadocia has been kept on the World Heritage List by UNESCO for 26 years. One can understand how they’re right when witnessing unparalleled views in the autumn season. Its historical and natural beauty, as well as the fairy chimneys among the yellow leaves, make it an indispensable holiday place that is ready to relax your soul.

Click for more to explore Cappadocia.



Safranbolu Houses

Safranbolu is one of the destinations where the yellow season reveals itself finely. It’s a beautiful and large district of the Karabuk province in the Western Black Sea. The historical houses reflecting the Ottoman city architecture, the narrow stone streets and the famous Safranbolu lokum are among the things to be discovered in the autumn.




Autumn is the best season to explore Mardin. You can make a great holiday in Mardin, where you will feel the historical texture on every street. Churches, mosques, monasteries, and castles are just a few of the highlights to attract your interest. You should not get back until you taste the special dishes Mardinian women do.


Autumn Holiday in Turkey
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