It is not in vain for Homer to say "The Land of Eternal Blueness" for Bodrum. The first thing that comes to mind when speak of "Vacation in Turkey" is "Vacation in Bodrum".

Formerly named as Halikarnassos, then Bodrum, has become a place that can not be shared and is always struggled for throughout history.

Bodrum is now a famous holiday destination with its worldwide known shipyards and sailboats, narrow streets leading to the sea, white houses lined up on the shores of two harbors, rising up on the peninsula, where the eastern and western harbors converge.



Today, Bodrum is an important tourist center where all the elements expected from a holiday region are clustered. From the rich owner of yachts from all over the world, to the income groups that can spend a long summer vacation in a pansy with limited budget, Bodrum has lots of attractions to meet the expectation of all people.


Region Aegean
Province Mugla
Area 558 km²
What’s popular White Houses, Bars
Distance to City Center 111 km
Winter / Summer Pop. 35.000 / 800.000
Nearby Resorts Kusadasi, Marmaris, Didim, Datca
Avg. Temp. in Summer 27,7 °C



“Bodrum”, located in the Muğla province borders, is a very important settlement place in terms of history since it has hosted many civilizations since mythological times.

In the history of Bodrum, which was known as Halikarnassos in ancient times; Historian Herodotus raised famous artists of his time, such as Artemisia, the first Admiral of history, and Artemisiax, which is so popular, as well as Leachares and Shepas.

Halikarnassos, which Homer called “The Land of the Everlasting Bluees,” has come to fruition with the union of the eastern and western ports. It houses white houses of Bodrum, Gumbet, narrow streets to the sea and famous Bodrum Kalesini.

Halikarnassos is a magnificent holiday city that can be experienced in winter months as well as in summer months because it is more than expected from a holiday town with its natural beauty.

Bodrum is a tourism region that has a focus on every term with its active life and modern Bodrum Hotels.

Besides the historical places of Bodrum, there are dozens of beauty in it. Wonderful climatic conditions, the beaches that strikingly satisfy visitors and unique nature make it a part of Elysium.

It is possible to say that in the summer season tourists who come to Bodrum with diverse cultures from everywhere in the world refreshes themselves with the imaginary atmosphere.


How to Get to Bodrum

“When the summer comes, all the roads get to Bodrum” is a folk wisdom but a truth. The density is high in Bodrum, which is accessible either by plane or by road.

In the airport, which is 40 km away, there is a very heavy air traffic especially in summer, as many people fly from big cities in Turkey, and also various cities in Europe.

The tourist destination located at the place where the Aegean and the Mediterranean meet can be reached by 3-4 hour journeys from other holiday destinations by road. Bodrum is 110 km away from the province of Mugla. All bus companies travel to this holiday city almost everywhere in Turkey.

The distances to some other holiday resorts and cities from Bodrum:

Milas Airport       : 40 km
Gumbet               : 4 km
Torba                   : 8 km
Guvercinlik         : 20 km
Bitez                    : 10 km
Ortakent             : 12 km
Turgut Reis         : 20 km
Yalikavak             : 20 km
Turkbuku            : 22 km
Gundogan          : 23 km
Gumusluk           : 24 km
Akyarlar              : 30 km
Didim                  : 70 km
Kusadasi             : 155 km
Marmaris           : 180 km
Datca                  : 248 km
Fethiye               : 272 km
Kalkan                : 352 km
Kas                      : 396 km
Izmir                   : 240 km
Ankara                : 720 km
Istanbul              : 740 km




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