Thyme and Honey Fragrant Peninsula

There is much to tell about Datca, which has 253 km of shoreline and 52 coves. Datca is a peninsula with thousands of years of history. It lies at the intersection of the Aegean and Mediterranean waters.

The peninsula dates back to the year 2000 BC. The celebrities’ city Knidos, the naked Aphrodite statue, the old Knidos (Burgas) and the remains of the Sari Liman are important heritage of Datca history. There are many blue-flagged beaches in the district. These beaches are Aktur Kamping Beach, Aktur Holiday Site Beach, Hastanealti Beach, Perilikosk Beach, Billurkent Beach, Kumluk Beach, Taslık Beach and Karaincir Beach. The beaches are all natural and clean.

One of Datca’s most important coastlines is the Gebekum Sandbank. Thousands of years ago, a kind of micro organism formed by sea movements has eaten the sand on the beach and brought new sands to the water. Presently, 85 species of plants and 19 species of birds live together in the protected sandbank.

In Datca, which is declared a Special Environmental Protection Area, yacht tourism is on the foreground. Life around the harbor is very colorful and lively as it’s the hangout spot of many boats,

One of Datca’s most famous sites, Bencik Bay has two names. After being given the name of the artist Emel Sayin who spent summer vacation in Datca, it started to be known as “Emel Sayin Bay“. Located between the Gulf of Gokova and the Gulf of Hisaronu, the blueness of the bay is likened to the eye color of the artist.

Bencik Bay

Bencik Bay

Datca’s windy atmosphere, deep blue bays and natural riches create convenient spaces for sports such as surfing, diving and hiking. There are many surf centers in the district. Diving in Ince Burun and trekking accompanied by the unique view of Datca offer unforgettable adventure moments.

Another beauty of Datca is the historical windmill in Kizlan Village which is 8 km away from Datca. The windmills in Datca’s most windy area attract many tourists.


With its harbors, historical houses, coves, beaches, windmills and historical riches, Datca is almost a tourism paradise.


Where is Datca?

Datca is located 122 kilometers from the center of Mugla, at the junction of Aegean and Mediterranean.


When to go to Datca?

Because of the Mediterranean climate in Datca, the effect of hot weather takes quite long time. High temperatures emerges in the spring months and continues until the autumn months. Datca is often preferred for summer holidays to enjoy the sea and the sun. However, travel can also take place in the spring or autumn months.


How to get to Datca?

There are many transportation alternatives by road to get to Datca. Inter-city bus companies of the metropolitan cities organize daily expeditions. You can go to Marmaris by these buses and reach Datca by minibus or bus from there.

When airborne transportation is considered, the first alternative is to fly to Dalaman Airport in Mugla and then reach by bus to Datca. The distance between Dalaman Airport and Datca is 155 km. The second alternative is to fly to Milas Bodrum Airport and then get to Datca via Bodrum – Datca ferries. The journey to Datca by ferry takes about two hours.


Where to Stay in Datca?

Where to stay in Datca

Mavi Beyaz: A beautiful resort where you can stay in Datca.

There are many accommodation options in Datca such as villa type accommodation, hotels, lodgings, apartments, wooden houses, old Datca houses and bungalows. Accommodation in parallel with tourism has also improved in the province where summer tourism is highly developed. Therefore, countless aparts, pensions and hotels around the numerous beautiful villages and beaches can appeal to every budget.

For those who want to spend a peaceful and quiet holiday, Villa type accommodation and bungalows exist in Mesudiye. In Hayitbuku, Palamutbuku and Kizilbuk, wooden houses are waiting for you to spend a holiday with nature. In Old Datca neighborhood you will feel like as if you’re at a corner of heaven thanks to its clean air and begonias streets.


Transportation in Datca

In Datca, minibuses and municipal supervised public buses are used for intra-district transportation. It is possible to reach all the villages and communities around Datca by public transport.

There are public bus services to Resadiye and Old Datca neighborhood. In the summer months, the buses also stop by Ozil and Aktur. Minibuses are used for transportation to traditional Datca villages.

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