Having a green appearance through four seasons of the year, Marmaris has all the facilities to ensure that holidaymakers have an excellent time.

Marmaris has become one of the most important centers among the Mediterranean and Turkey holiday resorts thanks to the marvelous villages of pine forests, the National Park surrounding the four sides, beaches equipped with blue flags and the brilliant sea.

One of the most beautiful sides of Marmaris is that it is possible to have a swim in the sea for 7 months of the year due to the climate it has. Seawater temperature does not fall below 15 degrees. July and August are experiencing the hottest periods, but you do not get overwhelmed by the cool breezy winds. This climate also makes Marmaris an attraction point.

Places to See in Marmaris are unlimited. Marmaris offers a lot of holiday destinations and impressive sightseeing spots. The villages, antique cities, picnic areas, national parks and magnificent nature make Marmaris an epic holiday destination.



Marmaris is a resort town with a turquoise color and a sea with the most indented projected ridges of Turkey.
It’s a legendary holiday destination at a distance of 50 km to the province of Mugla. The history of Marmaris dates back to the 12th millennium BC. One can easily see the historical past in the streets. In addition, the region is a recognized route to blue voyages.

Region Aegean
Province Mugla
Area 866 km²
What’s popular Pine Honey
Distance to City Center 50 km
Winter / Summer Pop. 35.000 / 130.000
Nearby Resorts Datca, Dalyan, Fethiye, Bodrum
Avg. Temp. in Summer 29,3 °C


History of Marmaris


Located on the Mediterranean coast, Marmaris is a natural port and an important gateway to the Rhodes and Aegean islands. This feature has also led many civilizations to this region throughout history. The Karyans, who prevailed in southwest Anatolia, especially dwelt in Marmaris and its surroundings for centuries.

Marmaris and its environs have been exposed to many invasions throughout its history since it was located on the commercial route between Rhodes and Egypt. Egyptians, Assyrians, Persians, Romans, Byzantines, Seljuks and Ottomans left their traces on this area.

The traces of this historical past are seen in ancient cities around the city. The most important ancient city is the ancient city of Physkos, which was established on the slope of the Asar hill, 2 km away from Marmaris. Today, however, only ruins remain from the ancient city walls.

Other major antique cities in the area are Amos, Bybassos, Kastabos, Syrna, Larymna, Thyssanos, Phoenix, Loryma, Kasara, Kedrai, Euthena and Amnistos.


How to Get to Marmaris

You have a chance to reach Marmaris by road and airway alternatives. If you want to come by plane, you can use Dalaman Airport which is 1.5 hours away by road. While Dalaman Airport is 93 km away, you can also use Milas Airport at 116 km distance especially in the congested periods.

The holidaymakers coming from Istanbul can drive on Izmir – Aydin highway. From Ankara, Eskisehir – Afyon – Denizli direction leads to Mugla and Marmaris.

In summer there are bus services to Marmaris from all over Turkey. There are also daily ferries to Marmaris from Rhodes Island.

The distances between Marmaris and some other holiday resorts and cities are as follows.

Dalaman Airport : 93 km
Turunc                : 20 km
Ciftlik                  : 30 km
Bozburun           : 40 km
Mugla                 : 50 km
Datca                 : 70 km
Dalaman            : 88 km
Fethiye               : 130 km
Bodrum              : 164 km
Didim                  : 192 km
Kusadasi            : 230 km
Kas                     : 245 km
Izmir                   : 280 km
Demre                : 290 km
Finike                  : 314 km
Antalya               : 367 km
Kemer                 : 383 km
Ankara                : 675 km
Istanbul              : 840 km


Exploring the Area

The most important building in the center of Marmaris is Marmaris Castle, built in 1521 by Ottomans on a high hill and serving as a museum today.

The most popular place of Marmaris is Turunc, where the hotels are dense. You can reach Turunc from the center of Marmaris by both land and sea in about 20 minutes. There are many alternative accommodation options in Turunc, from pans to five-star hotels.

Another bay with a lot of hotels is Icmeler, 8 km from the center of Marmaris. In Icmeler, you can do all kinds of water sports. Fine sand, shallow waters, beautiful hotels and motels, entertainment places and bazaar make Icmeler a preferred destination. It can be reached from the city center by land, as well as by motorboats.


Things to Do at Marmaris

Marmaris is a large seaside town and has many beautiful and impressive places. Even on a weekly holiday, it is almost impossible to fully explore Marmaris, which has a lace-like decorated coves, blue-flagged beaches, historical beauties, ancient towns, villages, picnic areas, national parks and magnificent nature. Read more…


Marmaris Beaches

Marmaris is a holiday paradise with its 50-km coastline, which has been renowned for its immaculate beaches by the side of azure Mediterranean.


Every hotel on the seaside has its own beach. Besides, public beaches that are all eligible for blue flag are exquisite.

  • Amos Bay (Bozburun)
  • Hisaronu
  • Turunc
  • Icmeler

On the other hand, the best swimming enjoyment can be made with the blue voyage. The boats departing from the harbor give a swimming break on the following routes and islands:

  • Cennet Adası (Paradise Island-Local Name)
  • Phosphorous Cave (Fosforlu Magara-Local Name)
  • Kumlubuk
  • Ciftlik
  • Sedir Adasi
  • Gunnucek
  • Yalanci Bogaz


What to Eat at Marmaris?

Eating and drinking opportunities in Marmaris are also very rich. Marmaris restaurants and cafes, which have numerous menus of Turkish and world cuisines, offer many opportunities for your eating and drinking aspirations. The majority of restaurants are located by the sea. It is possible to find all kinds of restaurants along the coast and around Marmaris Castle.

The most important products that can be taken from Marmaris are citrus jam and Marmaris honey. The bazaar in the city center is the ideal spot for shopping.



In addition to concerts organized by the municipality especially in the summer, many hotels invite artists to take the stage at their resorts.

Water sports activities are very popular because of its magnificent sea. In Marmaris, the annual International Aquamasters Swimming Championship is especially noteworthy. In addition, activities such as the Yacht Races, Motorcycle Festival, International Maritime and Spring Festival bring vitality to the county.

  • Marmaris Maritime and Spring Festival – Annual, May
  • International Marmaris Yacht Festival – Annual, mid-May
  • International Yacht Charter Show – Annual, May
  • Marmaris Cinema Festival – Annual, June-July
  • Marmaris International Yacht Race Week – Annual, October-November


Nightlife at Marmaris

Marmaris stands out with its nightlife that connects the nights with the day. In fact, another reason why holidaymakers choose this destination is the lively nightlife.

It does not take much time to understand that the town’s nightlife is colorful. When you go to the Barlar Sokagi (Bar Street) from the yacht harbor, you will face a completely different world. In particular, you can find places that offer unlimited entertainment opportunities in the Uzunyali region. The best DJs, sexy dances, alcohol, music all in one. Popular foam parties are also among the free activities.


Places to See at Marmaris


If you want to go sightseeing in Marmaris, it will be enough to leave yourselves to the beauty of the sea and follow the coastline.

Besides the unique coves which have a wonderful view with pine forests that are blended with the sea, Marmaris has many ancient cities due to its history dating back thousands of years.

Those are the main places to visit at Marmaris:

Kisayali Koprusu



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