Marmara is a region in northwestern Turkey. It is Turkey's bridge to the West and connection to Europe. Turkey's largest city, Istanbul is the region's unofficial capital.

Marmara gets its name from the sea it surrounds: the Sea of Marmara. It’s connected to Aegean Sea via Dardanelles and to Black Sea via Bosporus. The Sea of Marmara is the geographical border between Europe and Asia continents. That means northern coasts of Marmara are in Europe, while southern/eastern coasts are in Asia. In addition to the Sea of Marmara, the region has coastlines on Black Sea to northeast and Aegean Sea to southwest.

Provinces in Marmara

The Marmara Region, which links Europe and Asia, is a region that comes to the forefront with its destinations. There are five metropolitan cities, namely Istanbul, Kocaeli, Bursa, Balıkesir and Sakarya.

Exploring the Area

In the Marmara, there are five provinces on the coasts of Black Sea, seven on the coast of Marmara Sea and three on the coast of Aegean Sea. For this reason, during the summer period Marmara is a dynamic region. Especially Canakkale and Balikesir features as the hubs for summer tourism while Istanbul and Bursa are all time tourism centers in the foreground.

Marmara Region also attracts winter travelers thanks to its ski resorts. For instance, Uludag Ski Center, one of Turkey’s most prestigious ski resorts, is in the boundaries of Marmara. Kartepe Ski Center is another one that stands out as a winter star.

Uludag Ski Resort

The Destination Where Civilizations Intersect

As the capital of the Byzantine Empire and the Ottoman Empire, Istanbul is at the forefront of historical monuments from the past. With the glorious monuments such as Hagia Sophia, Topkapi Palace and Dolmabahce Palace, Istanbul is the first place in Turkey’s culture-history tourism. The cities such as Bursa, Bilecik and Edirne were influential settlements for the Ottoman Empire both in the foundation period and later periods. Thus, they come to the fore in historical sense.


Social Life of Marmara in Turkey

The geographical features of the Marmara Region are also very influential in people’s lives. Especially the role of social and cultural touch is great. Despite that it’s a transition geography in terms of music, food, clothing, folk dances, it has its own characteristics.

Clarinet, kaval, flute, ney, drum, def, darbuka, violin, reed, cura, overalls are common musical instruments. Moreover, halay, hora, bengi, zeybek are among popular folk dances. Folk dances are usually performed for entertainment purposes. They’re still prevalent especially in South Marmara. Northern Marmara is mostly influenced by western culture as it clearly appears in modern dances, music, food and clothing.

Traditions and customs continue to dominate the lives in the villages of Southern Marmara. Famous foods of the region are Istanbul pilaf, cardak kebabi, köfte, hösmerim, lokum, pismaniye.



Places to See in Marmara

Here, there are many places to see from Istanbul to Edirne and to the farthest point of Marmara. Every city in the Marmara region has its own places to see. From winter tourism to summer tourism, from nature tourism to history and museum tourism, there is a texture appealing to a wide audience.


Historical Places to See in the Marmara Region

The works of the Ottoman Empire, especially Istanbul and Edirne, continue to exist today. Istanbul houses myriad historical assets from the Topkapi Palace to the Maiden’s Tower, Hagia Sophia, Dolmabahce Palace etc. Edirne, once the capital of the Ottoman State, welcomes millions of tourists per year with its historic smell. Although Istanbul is leading the way in terms of culture and history, you can also see history closely in other provinces.


Winter Tourism in Marmara

If you are planning a winter trip in the Marmara region, you can enjoy the ski resort at the summit of Uludag. At the same time, the Kocaeli ski resort is one of the indispensable tourist destinations of winter months.


National Parks in Marmara

Troy National Park in Canakkale, Gala Lake National Park, Kazdagları National Park, Uludag National Park and Bird’s Paradise National Park are among the best national parks in Marmara.

The Marmara region is also prone to nature tourism. Thus, it’s one of the important regions that host domestic and foreign tourists. Although Marmara region is mentioned by industry, it has Turkey’s 4th largest forest mass.


Places to Visit in Marmara Region

We have informed you about the subjects such as “must-see places in the Marmara region” and “Touristic Attractions in the Marmara Region“. You can find travel guides for all cities in Turkey under titles such as “Places to visit in Balıkesir” or “Places to visit in Istanbul“.


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Places in Marmara

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