The Destination Where The Sun Smiles

Alanya is a tourism center in the boundaries of the city of Antalya. It’s the biggest district of the city. Thanks to wonderful nature and climate, it features many attractions for an unparalleled vacation. Alanya is the holiday stop of many Europeans. Another sign to illuminate the glory of Alanya is the fact it has had the most owned properties by foreign tourists for many years.



Miles long coast on which lies cotton-like sand is a pure charm for sea lovers. In terms of livability, being far away from the industry makes Alanya’s clean air unique. It is quite possible to have a peaceful and calm holiday in this lovely district. Therefore, one of the important routes of metropolitan travelers is definitely Alanya.

Region Mediterranean
Province Antalya
Area 1600 km²
What’s popular Orange, Avacado, Mandarin
Distance to City Center 138 km
Winter / Summer Pop. 103.000 / 450.000
Nearby Resorts Anamur, Side, Belek, Antalya, Manavgat
Avg. Temp. in Summer 30,1 °C



History of Alanya

According to the famous historian Heredot, the settlement in the region began to become widespread after the Trojan War (1820 BC). Alanya has hosted various ethnic groups for centuries. It has become the castle of the Mediterranean for long-lived empires such as Roman, Byzantine, Seljuk and Ottoman.

Although the region was differently named by different nations, it was called “Alaiye” during the Seljuks and Ottoman period. After the foundation of the Republic of Turkey, its name was changed to “Alanya”.


Historic Assets
Historic Places of Alanya

Alanya Castle is the most prominent among historical buildings. There are magnificent monumental buildings within the Alanya Castle which is a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage candidate.

Seljuk cistern, Byzantine church, Sultan Palace and Seljuk bath remnants were integrated with traditional urban texture. Historical Alanya Shipyard has been built by Seljuks and is the only shipyard to be preserved until today. The 33 meter high octagonal Red Tower built by red stones and bricks on the seashore is one of the most unique and important examples of medieval defense architecture.

In addition to monuments such as Walls, Red Tower, Shipyard and Armory, old Alanya houses are worth seeing as they have been restored and kept under protection. Since Alanya is a city on the historical Silk Road, there are many caravanserais around and castles to protect them.


How to Get to Alanya

Thousands of tourists from many countries visit Alanya and surrounding holiday resorts every year.

Alanya stretches parallel to the shore. It was formed on the slope of the Taurus Mountains facing the sea. Therefore, transportation is on the west-east axis. After the airport was constructed in Gazipasa, which is just nearby, transportation by airplane is now easier. Prior to that, tourists had to travel an extra 150 km from Antalya when they wanted to use the airline. In addition, all bus companies, especially in the summer, organize journey to Alanya from every city in Turkey.

Distance to some other holiday resorts and cities from Alanya are as follows:

Gazipasa Airport: 45 km
Manavgat: 60 km
Side: 65 km
Anamur: 130 km
Antalya: 138 km
Kemer: 182 km
Finike: 250 km
Konya: 255 km
Silifke: 260 km
Kas: 315 km
Fethiye: 332 km
Mersin: 350 km
Adana: 420 km


Things to Do in Alanya

Alanya, like all of Antalya, resembles a paradise with its natural beauty. Historical beauties shed light on the thousands of years of history. In short, if you are thinking what to do in Alanya, be sure that a thousand things to do in this holiday paradise and countless wonderful places to visit. You can experience many holiday concepts at the same time in Alanya. Read More…


Alanya Beaches

One of the things that make Alanya the most major tourism center is the magnificent beaches. There are over twenty beaches in the district and all of these beaches are perfect in one word. Of course, it is not possible to include all of these beaches in here, but those are the most popular Alanya beaches for you.

Alanya-Kleopatra Beach

  • Kargicak beach
  • Damlatas beach
  • Sunset beach
  • East Cleopatra beach
  • Western Cleopatra beach
  • Keykubat beach
  • Incekum public beach

Most of these beaches in Alanya are blue-flagged, i.e. cleanliness and beauty guaranteed. On these beaches, you will have a very enjoyable time during your holiday in Alanya.


What to Eat at Alanya?

As you can expect from a holiday town, eating and drinking options in Alanya are quite extensive. There are many restaurants in and around the center of the town and these restaurants offer local delicacies as well as examples from the different cuisines of the world. But you have to give priority to the local tastes of Alanya. Because the restaurant is very rich and each dish is delicious. Here are some of the local flavors you can taste in Alanya.

  • Shish kebab
  • Dogme asi
  • Kirdaki
  • Bumbar
  • Sepit
  • Oksuz helvasi

What to Eat at Alanya

These are just a few of the local flavors. We also have to say that the fish has an important place in the kitchen of Alanya. If you like fish, you will be enchanted during your holiday in Alanya. The restaurants in the district serve great fish.

Especially in many cafes on the seaside, you can find plenty of cold mezes with vegetables, amuse bouches and seafood dishes, and rediscover these tastes on the Mediterranean coast.

Due to the climate of the region, citrus fruit production is easy and of high quality. Especially bananas, oranges, avocados, mandarins and lemons grow abundantly, adding a different fruit culture to these foods.



Alanya, which is one of the tourism paradises in the world, is also rich in terms of events. In this holiday metropolis, traditional celebration and many famous performances organized by the entertainment clubs and hotels, are held every summer.

Don’t get the feeling they’re all entertainment oriented. In terms of sports events, well-known international tournaments are organized. Some of the prominent international organizations:

Presidential Cycling Tour (April),
Ataturk Semi-Marathon (February)
Etu European Triathlon Championship (June)


Nightlife at Alanya

Of course, vacation means having as much fun as relaxing. Alanya nightlife is extremely colorful. In other words, it has a rightful reputation with many entertainment venues and nights that appeal to every class and age. Here are some of the fun places you can go to in Alanya;

  • Las Vegas Cafe & Bar
  • Havan Club
  • Black Horse
  • Istanbul Club
  • Robin Hood
  • Murphi’s Bar



When you go to Alanya, you can find all kinds of souvenirs you can think of in the center, on the seaside, and in the city.
In the district, where local and foreign tourists flock in the summer months, it is possible to see shops and benches selling souvenirs almost everywhere. You can find the following kinds of souvenirs in Alanya Castle or in the bazaars.

Photo plates
Textile products
Fancy key ring

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