“Holiday in Turkey” Becomes More Popular

The research on the citizens of the countries that Turkey has budgeted for the promotion next year reveals interesting facts on "Turkey image".

According to the information gathered from the website of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Turkey , Germans regard Turkey as a “cheap holiday country” while the citizens of the UK identify Turkey with its “warm climate“.

The Dutch who visit Turkey define it as a “luxurious, safe and tolerant country“, while those who do not visit are thinking the opposite.

The Russians think that Turkey is the number one destination for a summer holiday while about 40 percent of Danish citizens say they do not have any information about Turkey.

The French, who have never seen the country, perceive Turkey as an “Arab country,” while the United Arab Emirates citizens refer to Turkey as “European”.

In the countries where the Ministry promoted abroad, the reputation of Turkey shows differences. Turkey stands out with its “warm climate, hospitality, historical and cultural values” at those countries.

On the German market, Turkey has a positive image as a holiday country with its beaches, high quality of service and hospitality. Germany also see Turkey as “cheap holiday country“. On the other hand, the satisfaction factors of German tourists are sea-sand-sun, long tourism season, price-service balance, high hotel quality and cultural richness.

According to the results of the research conducted on travelers, Turkey ranks first in terms of service quality.


“Holiday in Turkey” has held its first place in Russia for years

In the Russian Federation, Turkey’s image is “the most popular and most preferred holiday destination“. According to the research, 47 percent of the Russians think that Turkey is the most suitable for the holiday. Turkey is perceived as a civilized destination with an affordable price, quality of service and facilities, original historical and cultural values. Turkey has become a well-known brand in the Russian Federation market and has maintained its first place for many years.

The connotations about Turkey are featuring as sunny, amusing, picturesque, friendly, relaxing, Mediterranean and unique.


British people visit historical sites and museums in Turkey

Turkey is perceived as a country with a warm climate and cultural riches on the UK market. The English define Turkey by the words “sunny (68 percent)”, “history (55 percent)” and “cultural (48 percent)”.

The image of Turkey is positive both for those who have visited the country in the last few years and for those who have not yet visited but have added on the holiday list.

Travelers to Turkey primarily prefer sea holiday. Then come cultural / historical tours on the wish list. 8 of 10 people who are holidaying in Turkey visit historical sites and museums during their stay.

Englishmen are contented with Turkey in terms of “warm climate, historical and cultural values, proper prices, natural beauties, friendly welcome of Turkish people, proper accommodation facilities for families”.

7 out of every 10 people asked to rate their recent trip to Turkey say that they are very pleased with the visit.


Tourists from the United States love to make contact with local people

In the United States, Turkey is known as “a tourism destination that comes to the forefront with its historical, cultural, archeological and natural riches.”

A survey study conducted among selected people with a target of 8 million reveals that 50 percent of US citizens want to travel to Turkey.

Satisfaction factors of Americans include: Turkey’s historical, cultural and natural riches, religious tourism riches, cruise travel potential, high exchange rate of US dollars in Turkey.

Besides, US tourists focus on the types of tourism that they can contact with the local people. In this context, Turkish hospitality reinforces their holiday fun.


The opinions of people who visited Turkey differ from those who did not

The associations of the Dutch who traveled to Turkey are “sunny and beautiful climate” (63 percent), “beautiful beaches (21 percent)”, “sea (20 percent) food and beverages (14 percent) “,” friendly people (10 percent) “. The Dutch perceive Turkey as a “hospitable, unique, traditional country“.

Visitors to Turkey states that Turkey is “a country that is luxurious, safe and tolerant”. On the other hand, those who do not visit are thinking the opposite. 92 percent of Dutch tourists coming to Turkey speak of their visit positively.

Moreover, the “all-inclusive, cheap country” image for Turkey settles in the Dutch market.

About 40 per cent of the Danish do not have any knowledge of Turkey. When we look at perceptions about Turkey, 32 percent are positive, 33 percent are neutral, 13 percent are negative, 6 percent are very positive, 5 percent are very negative, and 11 percent have no opinion.

The image of Turkey in Denmark seems to have gained momentum in the last year. Among the reasons for this are Turkey’s wider look in world politics and the worst trends in competing tourism countries.

Actually, more than half of those who visit Turkey leave with beautiful memories from the country.


‘Arab country’ according to France, ‘European’ according to UAE

In France, the image of Turkey is generally positive in terms of tourism. However, the French, who have never come to Turkey, perceive Turkey as an “Arab country”. This emerges as a form of perception that shades the attractiveness of Turkey’s cultural and natural diversity. Nevertheless, French find Turkey attractive for its service quality, cultural diversity and wealth.

Turkey ranks first in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) market with 24 percent among the first-ever holiday destinations. In the survey, positive associations about Turkey in the UAE market are shaped as “exciting, green, historical, attractive, family destination, country of contrasts, sunny, Muslim, friendly, safe and European”.

Apart from all perceptions, 96 percent of tourists find  their holiday in Turkey fully satisfying..


Austrians find Turkey ‘very sympathetic’

In Ukraine, Holiday in Turkey is primarily defined by the words of “entertainment, sea and sand, cultural sightseeing, all-inclusive system in the hotel”. Ukrainian tourists think that every traveler in Turkey can find something to relax.

In Austria, Turkey is the second holiday destination after Italy (except for Croatia, which is accessible by road). According to the survey, 86 percent of Austrian citizens describe Turkey as a “holiday country”, “sympathetic” or “very sympathetic”.

In the Spanish market, Turkey has a positive image in terms of historical and cultural richness. Similarly, Belgians have good reasons to spend holiday in Turkey.

On the other hand, Swiss describes Turkey as “exciting and interesting, modern-antique synthesis, mystical, hospitable tourism country” but “politically complex”.

Turkey has also a positive image in China. Chinese portray Turkey with the words of “Combination of Asian and European, culturally rich country”, while Japanese perceive Turkey as a “friendly country with historical, cultural and natural wealth”.


What do you think of Turkey? People riding camels or still wearing fez? Have you changed your mind after visiting?

Share your ideas or travel experience with us.


“Holiday in Turkey” Becomes More Popular
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