Alacati is a place famous for its sights as well as the sea. The reason of why the tourists flock to the town especially in the summer is easy to figure out. The lively and colorful Alacati has wonderful places to visit and mystical streets to explore. Originally designed spaces, art galleries, stone houses, beautiful coves and beaches are among must-sees in Alacati.


Alacati Houses


The symbol of Alacati, stone houses are important structures that will come out in small narrow streets of the town. These cute and colorful houses with flowers on their gardens and windows remained from ancient times and were usually built by the Greeks.

The houses are made of Alacati stone, which is hardened and heat insulated over time, similar to ponza stone. This stone is unique to the locality.

The soil, lime, straw and egg whites used in the construction of the houses ensure that the buildings are cool in summer but warm in winter. In other words, not only the aesthetic image of the structures, but also the appropriateness to live are well thought out and built.

When you come to Alacati, you can take a nice walk and take lots of photos between the stone houses on the cobblestone streets.


Old and New Windmills


Windmills are another symbol of the neighborhood. In Turkey, the massive mills were first built in Alacati and then spread throughout the country.

White column windmills and rotating electric propeller make visitors feel like you are at the fairgrounds. In fact, these were not the first windmills in the region, but were later built using new technology.

The old windmills were built between 500 and 1000 AD. These mills were known as the great technology of the era. Their aim is to turn the wheat into flour by taking advantage of the wind. Today, constructions are protected by the municipality. Some of them have been restored and turned into private enterprises.


Kemalpasa Street

Alacati-Kemalpasa street

Kemalpasa Street is the address of the most colorful daytime and lively nightlife of Alacati. Those who arrive in the town should make a plan to spend time somehow at Kemalpasa Street. Sipping very special well wines, tasting Aegean flavors or entartaining in the clubs could be shrewd pretexts.

What’s more, you can have gummy turkish coffee accompanied by Latin music. The street with live music venues ensures lots of fun even when it’s crowded in the summer evenings.



Alacati-Aya Yorgi Bay

Aya Yorgi Bay

Alacati is the number one address for surfing in Turkey. Therefore, surfers and travelers flock to the town especially during summer. Here you can enjoy the pleasures of the sea&sun on both public and private beaches.

Alacati beaches are generally operated as beach clubs. While beaches are the address for sunbathers and sea-lovers in daytime, they become the center of parties and music in the evenings. In other words, you can enjoy the pleasure of Alacati beaches at days and nights.

Especially Aya Yorgi Bay is the most striking and preferred beach. Other beaches you can visit in Alacati are Fun Beach, Quente Beach and Kum Beach. The first address for surf enthusiasts should be the Alacati Surfing Center.


Dutlu Kahve (Mulberry Cafe)

Alacati-Dutlu Kahve

Established in the shadow of an old mulberry tree, Dutlu Kahve is a habit of the local people as well as favorite of the tourists. The cafe has witnessed the conversations of those who come to drink their coffee or tea for years.

You should not leave Alacati without enjoying a cup of gummy Turkish coffee in Dutlu Kahve. This has become one of the symbolic places rather than an cafe.


Ayios Konstantinos Church (Pazaryeri Mosque)

Alacati-Ayios Konstantinos Church

This is the old church of Alacati and today’s mosque. The church was built in 1830 and was completed in 1874. It started to be used as a place of worship in the name of Ayios Konstantinos. The transformation of the church into mosque was realized after the establishment of the Republic of Turkey.

Of the three Alacati churches built for the Greeks living in the region, it’s the only place of worship that has reached today. Since it is used both as a church and as a mosque, Muslims and Christians dignify the structure. The pictures on the church are closed by the curtain system during the worshiping time of the Muslims. At other times, the temple is available for Christians to visit and pray.


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