Known as “Agrilia” in ancient times, Alacati is one of the most important and most visited summer resorts in Turkey. Everyone who lays eyes on gum trees, narrow streets, stone houses and windmills will admire Alacati. A travel route that is both peaceful and dynamic and enjoyable shows Alacati.

In the daytime, you will enjoy the cool sea and the sun in your beaches. Depending on your choice, you may leave yourself in the famous winds of the sea. In the evenings, enjoying a delightful meal in the trendy restaurants then spending the night having fun that lasts until dawn would be wonderful at such a beautiful summer resort.


Tour the Streets of Hacimemis

Alacati-Hacimemis Street

Kemalpasa Street comes to mind first as far as Alacati is concerned. But if you want to get away from the rush of Kemalpasa Street, we suggest you go to Hacimemis: A unique and relatively quiet neighborhood, only 5 minutes walk away. Antique dealers, beautiful restaurants, ice cream parlors and historic smells make visitors feel in a different atmosphere. In order to have a good time in these spots, it’s a good idea to make a reservation in advance. One of the most popular restaurants in the neighborhood is without a doubt Kapari Bahce.


Wander through the Benches of Alacati Bazaar


It is a great experience to wander around the intersecting streets of Alacati Bazaar, which is set on a very large area on Saturdays. Organic vegetables and fruits, clothes, glassware and much more… The other important feature of this market is the quality that comes with variety. In particular, do not forget to internalize fruit and vegetable stalls. These colorful stalls will appeal to both your eyes and stomach!


Surf with Famous Alacati Breeze


Alacati means surfing. Due to the strong wind, it’s often preferred by surfers to host the international tournaments. If you have gone to Alacati, returning without surfing is a big shortcoming. Let’s say that there are surf schools for various levels here. But if you are still at a distance, you should at least follow the colorful landscape created by the surfers. Some of the places you can choose for surfing are as follows: Windsurf, Surf Garden, Alacati Beach Resort …


Enjoy the Sun on “Beaches”

Alacati-Zio Beach

Zio Beach

Alacati is a place that is spoken with famous beaches as ​​much as its natural beauty. It is possible to find beaches in different styles, which will appeal to every segment of every genre. The most popular Alacati beaches in recent times are Zio Beach and Madeo Beach. In these places entertainment lasts almost 24 hours. You may need to book in advance if you are going on a weekend, especially at times of ‘Happy Hour’.


Join the Crazy Nightlife


Alacati’s night life is always moving. In recent times, the segment addressed has been expanded through the opening of spaces in different concepts. There are many alternatives in night life at Alacati. Restaurants that you can taste raki-fish, bars serving cocktails, places playing jazz music, night clubs, spots you can listen to deep house until sunrise… Your choice for raki-fish might be Ferdi Baba. For the night, you can choose Maia and Single Fin Yellow from the most popular venues of recent times.


Do not Miss Alacati Herb Festival

Alacati-Herb Festival

One of the most beautiful periods you can choose to visit Alacati is the month of April. In other words, the Alacati Grass Festival is the time … The festival is a very good activity to experience the traditional cuisine and live the Aegean spirit. Throughout the festival, the center of Alacati is set up with countertops where various grasses or meals are sold. Parallel activities are held in various places in Alacati. So before the summer season opens, there is a very nice movement in the area.


Relax Under the Shade of Windmills


One of the icons of Alacati, windmills are now being used for tourism purposes. After these mills were restored, some of them are used as café-restaurants. You will definitely enjoy pleasant moments with its unique view especially at sunset and cool wind.

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