Top Attractions in Bodrum

Water Sports

Bodrum beaches are ideal for those who want to enjoy the sea during the day. The most preferred region for socialites and celebrities is Turkbuku beach and beach clubs. It offers major opportunities for vacationers in terms of water sports and diving tourism. There are water sports facilities in Bodrum and surrounding beaches. Sailing, sea and windsurfing and diving are among the most popular activities.

When water sports are called in the Bodrum peninsula, the first districts that come to mind are Gumbet, Bitez, Turgutreis, Ortakent, Gumusluk, Yalikavak and Akyarlar.

Gumbet is located about 3 km away from Bodrum center. The most popular water sports centers of Bodrum Peninsula appear in there. Due to the shallow water in Gumbet, water sports such as jet ski, hamburger, banana and water ski are especially popular for families with children

Bitez bay is very suitable for water sports with its wind conditions and beauty. Though windsurfing gets the lead because of great interest of the visitors, you can easily enjoy sea bikes, canoes and other water sports.

Ortakent is about 13 km away from the center of Bodrum and is ideal for water sports with its long coastline and sea.

Diving in Bodrum

Bodrum also has an important position in terms of diving enthusiasts and diving tourism. Diving is one of the most exciting activities in Bodrum.

Just across the street from Bodrum, Karaada is a popular and ideal diving area, especially for amateur divers. Karaada is located about 20 minutes away from Bodrum harbor and there are many diving tours from Bodrum port and the surrounding areas. The southern tip of the island and Poyraz Cove are suitable for deep diving and cave diving. The wall located at the rear of the Karaada continues from 12 meters to 77 meters. Yassi Kaya is one of the places to be seen. The fish that circulate around accompany you during your dive.

Another popular diving spot in Bodrum is Kurt Burnu, which is 20 minutes away from Bodrum harbor.

Kargi Island takes 1 hour and 20 minutes from Bodrum harbor. Yet, it’s another diving site exactly suitable for diving. There are two walls in it, one extending from 25 meters to 50 meters, and the other extending from 40 meters to 100 meters.

Wind Surf in Bodrum

Even though Gumbet, Turgutreis, Ortakent and Akyarlar have become famous for water sports, Bitez is undoubtedly the most suitable and popular district for sea and windsurfing.

Gumbet is located about 3 km away from the center of Bodrum and is one of the ideal sites for sea surfing in Bodrum.

Ortakent is about 13 km away from Bodrum center and is ideal for windsurfing with its long coastline, hot sea and wind.

Turgutreis is second of the most populous district after Bodrum town center. Vacationists find Turgutreis bay ideal for windsurfing.

Akyarlar is approximately 22 km away from Bodrum center and is also great for sea surfing. It is also the closest coast to Kos island.

Blue Cruise

Participating in daily boat trips for sea lovers or going on blue cruises is another alternative. Bodrum is the place where Blue Cruise and Blue Tour are born. These boat trips departing Bodrum and cruising the Aegean-Mediterranean coasts are a different and amusing alternative in summer holidays. Blue cruise season in Bodrum usually starts at the beginning of May and continues until the end of October. There are lots of various routes and many categories of boats to be involved in these navigations.



For nature lovers and trekking enthusiasts, Sleep Valley, which is 30 km away from Bodrum, is worth seeing. Day trips are organized by many agencies in the area.


Shopping in Bodrum is a must for holidaymakers. It is possible to find every brand present in Istanbul and other big cities. Furthermore, it is a holiday town renowned for its handicraft souvenirs.

Eating & Drinking

Bodrum is one of the most popular and prestigious holiday destinations in Turkey and has also the richest eating and drinking options in the restaurants. All kinds of music bars, restaurants and pubs offering foods from varied world cuisine bring wonderful tastes to holidaymakers.


Bodrum Nightlife

Bodrum is one of the most exclusive holiday centers in Turkey, especially with its lively and dynamic nightlife. Bodrum nightlife has an outstanding fame not only in Turkey but also all over the world. The natural beauty and calm atmosphere of the day leave its place to a never-ending rhythm of fun in Bodrum.

Top Attractions
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