Places to visit in Datca are Knidos Antique City, Datca Aktur, Kargi Bay, Ovabuku Beach, Palamutbuku, Domuz Buku and Old Datca.


Knidos Ancient City

Datca-Knidos Ancient City

The ancient city of Knidos has brought up the greatest mathematicians, painters and architects of history. It was a highly developed city in the fields of science, art and architecture.

In Knidos Ancient City there was the famous Aphrodite Temple. In the middle of the temple was a statue of Aphrodite, which had a very high artistic value. But the sculpture was later destroyed. Today, only parts of the sculpture remain.

There were two theaters in Knidos Ancient City, one with 20 thousand and the other with 5 thousand capacities. The smaller theater was able to reach the present day, while the bigger one could not be reached because it was covered with ships in the 19th century.

Other important monuments in the ancient city are Apollon Temple near Knidos, the sundial and the Temple of Corinth.


Datca Aktur

Datca Aktur

Datca Aktur took the title of Turkey’s most beautiful cove lately. Thus, it’s in the second place on the list of “Highlights”. Having an enormous beauty combined with green and blue, Aktur deserves to be a famous holiday place thanks to its clean air and high oxygen rate.

Offering a peaceful holiday with its pine forests and blue-eyed seas, Datca Aktur is located 30 km from Datca center and 48 km from Marmaris. Right next to the Datca Aktur Holiday Resort is a camping area suitable for tents and caravans. In this camping area, a peaceful and enjoyable holiday is available for the people who want to spend time alone with nature.


Kargi Bay

Datca-Kargi Bay

The next stop on the list of Highlights is Kargi Bay, which is 3 kilometers away from the center of Datca. People may prefer to reach the bay surrounded by mountains by half an hour walk from the center. The cove, where you can relax in the hammocks and enjoy the sun, is also the starting or ending point for hikers. Kargi Bay with its sparkling sea is definitely a must see resort in Datca.


Ovabuku Beach

Datca-Ovabuku Beach

Next on the Highlights list is Ovabuku Beach, one of the most beautiful coves of Datca. An ideal choice for those who want to spend a holiday with nature. Surrounded by many accommodation, it also offers surprises for visitors.

There are many restaurants, hotels and pensions around the beach. You can enjoy your holiday in Ovabuku Beach with its sparkling sea and greenery. The right pick if you are looking for peace during summer holidays.




We continue with Palamutbuku which is a favorite spot for those who wish to have a quiet holiday. There are many accommodation facilities in the region about 20-25 kilometers away from Datca city center.

Palamutbuku is a tourist town where blue and green intertwine. Different tones of green are found in its nature. Furthermore, spending time on its immaculate beaches creates wonderful moments . There are many tea gardens, cafes, restaurants and bars in the district. Plus, all of these facilities have a place in front of the sea to enable swimming.


Domuz Buku


The next stop for those looking for a quiet and peaceful holiday is Domuz Buku. There is no road transport to Domuz Buku. It takes about an hour’s boat ride from the center of Datca. The area can only be reached by sea.

There is no hotel or pension in Domuz Buku, an extremely quiet and quiet place. A facility built from bungalows and a camp site serve to accomodate travelers. Media tools such as television and radio can not be operated for reasons that transmitterss are inadequate. Electricity is produced from generators, water is supplied from wells. Therefore, Domuz Buku is an ideal holiday destination for those who want to escape from the world and the technology, and to stay alone with nature.


Old Datca

Old Datca

Our next stop on the Highlights list is “Old Datca.” It’s named after the old houses in the neighborhood. Most houses in the neighborhood are two storeys at maximum. The architecture has developed quite a bit. Last years of the life of the famous Turkish poet Can Yucel has passed in this neighborhood. Old Datca presents a tremendous visuality with its stone-paved streets. Besides, begonias enriches these unique scenes in Datca.

Old Datca is a very quiet neighborhood with a population of 583 people. Its history dates back to the 11th century BC. Historical research and excavation studies in the area are still underway.

For those who want to stay in the neighborhood, there are alternative accommodation options such as house pensions and boutique hotels.

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