Purseu the History in Knidos Ancient City

Datca-Knidos Ancient City

Besides the natural beauty of Datca, it also has a long history in its borders. Knidos Ancient City is the best example of this. Having a successful history of architecture and art, Knidos reveals the fascination of the history of the 3rd century BC. You bet no regret.


Explore the Streets in Old Datca

Old Datca

Do not mind it’s called “old”. It is a wonderful address to escape from the noise of the cities we call new in our time. With the restoration work of the old houses, the bright years of the past are ready for admiration. If you like to be influenced by the sights of the past, do not wait, add the Old Datca to the first place of your visit.


Do Shopping and Familiarize with Datca People

Shopping at Datca

If you want to be a part of everyday life in Datca, do not forget to walk around the local markets and shuffle the stalls of the shops along the streets. Also take home the “dastar” cloths woven in Datca’s hand looms for those you love.


Stop by Gebekum


Haunted Pavilion at Gebekum

Although the Datca coasts are quiet enough, if you are looking for an address where the sea, the sand and even the sun is special to you, then let us take you to Gebekum. Before you arrive at the windmills of Datca, you will see the most beautiful state of Datca. This is a wonderful world that offers the most beautiful colors of nature.


Enjoy Fresh Air and Bountiful Sunshine

Datca-Places to See

There is so much to see and to do in Datca … Do a favor to yourself and set off on a journey to Datca. Inhale the beautiful air of this beautiful Aegean town to your lungs, and soak up the most beautiful lights of the sun to your skin.

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