Fethiye - Oludeniz

Oludeniz (The Dead Sea or Blue Lagoon)

Oludeniz (literally Dead Sea, due to its calm waters even during storms; official translation name Blue Lagoon) is known as “the Paradise that God has bestowed to the world”.

It is famous for its calm and turquoise waters in all seasons of the year. So, it has been the subject of many legends in mythology. The 3 km long sandy beach was designated as National Park in 1978. It is also the first-grade natural conservation area.

Oludeniz Beach has been voted the most beautiful beach in Turkey many times. The beach and its surroundings offer all kinds of accommodation, drinking, entertainment and various water sports. Oludeniz can be reached from Fethiye Center by dolmush. Daily boat tours are available during the day and evenings


Telmessos Ancient City

Telmessos Ancient City

Telmessos Ancient City is the first settlement area in Fethiye. The history of the city dates back to the 3rd millennium BC, according to some determinations. The tombs carved into the rocks and the sarcophagus of the Lycian type are the oldest remnants of the antique age. Besides, the theater remains unearthed in recent years provide information about the settlement in antiquity.


Kelebekler Vadisi (Butterflies Valley)

Fethiye-Butterflies Valley

Kelebekler Vadisi is situated on the skirts of Babadag, one of the 100 mountains suggested to be preserved as a world heritage due to the endemic species it hosts. However, you have to be experienced in climbing to see the butterflies giving the name of the valley. More than 80 species of butterflies and especially tiger butterflies live in the valley. Furthermore, a waterfall pours from a height of 50 meters and reaches the Mediterranean by a stream passing through the middle of the valley. You can take a boat trip to Butterflies Valley as it’s not accessible by land.


Kabak Bay

Fethiye-Kabak Bay

Kabak Bay has several houses and camping areas among the pine trees. It is a magnificent bay with immaculate sea and nature. Dolmushes leaving from Fethiye Center reach the road at the top of the bay. From here, it takes about 20 minutes to get to the bay. You can stay in tree houses in Kabak Bay, in simple bungalows, or in tents.


Kayakoy (Rock Village)


Kayakoy is an old Greek village 5 km from Oludeniz. The history of Kayakoy goes to 3000 BC from the philological point of view. However, only sarcophagi and rock tombs of antiquity dating from the 4th century BC reached the present day. Although the houses were turned into ruins during the Fethiye earthquake of 1957, the historical village in the form of a live museum attracts the great interest of tourists.


Calis Beach

Fethiye-Calis Beach

Calis Beach lies at 5 km north of Fethiye Center. It draws attention with its 4 km long beach. There are many accommodation, entertainment, eating and drinking facilities as well as water sports activities on the beach. Calis Beach is also the venue for caretta carettas.



Fethiye-Paragliding from Babadag

Babadag is part of the Taurus mountain system that has spread the south of Turkey from west to east. Behind Oludeniz, it suddenly ascends from the beach and reaches 1969 meters. The short distance between the summit and the sea level provides the paragliding sport to develop. Although the 13-kilometer path leading to Babadag’s peak does not contain technical difficulties, frequent vegetation, variable ground structure and hot and arid climate in the summer creates particular challenges. However, carobs, sandalwoods, myrtles, wild almonds, maples, cedars and junipers go with the walk along the way to the summit. Despite these difficulties, Babadag has a unique feature by offering the opportunity to paragliding from the altitude of 2 thousand meters.


Saklikent Canyon


Saklikent Canyon is a hidden water spring 50 kilometers away from Fethiye. The length of the canyon is 18 kilometers and the height is 200 meters. The narrowest part is 2 meters wide. It has taken its present form as a result of the erosion of rocks from the mountains for thousands of years.

With its steep cliffs, plane trees and glittering spring waters, Saklikent is a unique tourism center offering mountaineering, hiking and swimming opportunities for nature lovers.


Tlos Antique City

Tlos Ancient City

With its finds dating back to 2000 BC, Tlos is one of the oldest settlements in Lycia. The distance from Fethiye is 40 km.


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