Fethiye - Paragliding

Jump with Parachute from Babadag

Would you like to have an activity that will keep your feet off the ground? With plenty of scenery, paragliding is full of adrenaline. The only condition is some courage. In return, you will have a story to remember for the rest of your life. At the same time, an unforgettable view will go with you during the voyage.

If the paragliding is not attractive enough for you, you can enjoy watching the colorful parachutes in the sky while having sunbath in Belcekiz 🙂


Walk in Ice-like Waters of Saklikent


Saklikent Canyon is 50 km away from the town of Fethiye. It’s a natural wonder and a must-see for those who prefer to make a holiday in Fethiye.

Saklikent Canyon has formed as a result of the erosion of rocks and earthquakes that took place in the 4th Geological time. Fortunately, it has gotten its present features with all the beauty and splendor.

The advancing parts of the hiking trail are more dangerous. At some points, deep pits and waterfalls creating wonderful images encounter visitors. In these walks, it is possible to complete the course easily and with pleasure by wearing specially produced plastic shoes.


Get Lost in “Old City” Paspatur

Fethiye - Paspatur

Paspatur is the oldest settlement of Fethiye. It’s restored and preserved with authentic wooden houses and colorful flowers today. In the bazaar, there are souvenir shops, cafes, carpenters, kilims, boutiques and jewelers. This settlement takes its name from the Paspatur water that flows through the center for centuries. According to the legend, those who drink this water cannot easily leave from Fethiye, or they will surely turn around and find themselves again in Fethiye.


Do You Have Courage to Walk on the Lycian Way?


The Lycian Way extends from Fethiye to Antalya. It’s a walking route created by marking and mapping the paths. It is shown as one of the ten best long-distance walking routes in the world. It’s such a challenging activity that adventurers need to walk on the goat pathways at some points. On the Lycian Way, there are many villages and accommodation available. However, spending nights by camping is a great preference most of the time.


Visit the Historical Greek Neighborhood of Kayakoy


Kayakoy is made up of stone houses from about 300-400 houses, including churches, chapels and schools. It’s actually a locality abandoned by the Greeks during the wars in the late Ottoman period. When you cross the mountain and begin to walk down, a collective sadness and loneliness appear. You can also go into a few houses or climb up to the church.


Join the Nightlife in Paspatur

Nightlife in Fethiye

If you want to have a drink after dinner and spend the night by dancing, the right address is Paspatur Bar Street. You will not understand how time passes in bars. Be careful not to stay until late hours. Because it is, unfortunately, impossible to find a transportation to the outskirts after 1:00 am.


Explore Oludeniz

Fethiye-Blue Lagoon

Are you ready to be one of the many people who fall in love with Oludeniz on your first encounter? It’s a living center not only with the sea but also with mountains, greenery, rug, lively air, colorful parachutes in the sky. Moreover, delicious seafood restaurants and refreshing beverages that appeal to every budget make it indispensable for the travelers.


Join the Boat Tour to 12 Islands

Fethiye-12 Islands Boat Tour

Departing from Fethiye Marina in the morning, you can spend your whole day on the 12 island tours. By this means, it is possible to swim in the magnificent seas and experience the coves of wonderful nature.


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