Turkey’s third largest city, Izmir has many alternatives with its places to visit. The city is attracting interest in every period of the year with its blue sea, beautiful beaches and historical assets.


Places to See in Izmir


Alsancak is the neighborhood where social life is most active in Izmir. It is also home to many of the city’s most famous cafes and bars. Actually, Alsancak spreads over a very wide area. Thus, you need to go to Muzaffer Izgu Street for shopping. You can explore excellent cafes and bars that serve at old Greek houses on Kibris Sehitleri Street.

The historic Alsancak Train Station ranks at the beginning of the places in Alsancak. Although it is the second oldest train station (built in 1858) in Turkey, it still keeps its historical structure and continues to serve.

Imagine such a street that there are centuries-old palm trees lined up on both sides, a color-lit floor and commemorative plaques written by famous names of film artists. Alsancak Sevgi Yolu (Love Road) is one of the joyous points of Izmir.

The seaside of Alsancak is called “Kordon Boyu” or shortly “Kordon“. The first thing that comes to mind at Kordon is the deep-blue sea on one side and various cute cafes on the other side. You can sip your coffee with a very pleasant sea view at Kordon.


Clock tower

The centennial symbol of Izmir

Izmir-Konak Square

The Clock Tower in Konak Square is the symbol and a remarkable meeting point of Izmir. In 1901, the Levantine architect Raymond Charles Péré was employed to make it in the commemoration of the 25th anniversary of Sultan II. Abdulhamit’s ascension to the throne.

The clock was given by the German Emperor II. Wilhelm as a remembrance of the friendship between the two rulers as well as the Turkish-German friendship of the period.



Historical bazaar texture

Kemeralti is a historical bazaar which extends from Mezarlikbasi district to Konak Square. As it used to be, Kemeralti Bazaar is the most important shopping center of Izmir. It is possible to find all kinds of traditional Turkish handicraft ceramics, tile panels, wooden products, carpets and kilims, leather products and all kinds of tastes of traditional Aegean cuisine.


St. Polycarp Church (Izmir Church)

The oldest church in Izmir


This church, built in 1625 with the permission of Sultan Suleyman the Magnificent, is the oldest church of Izmir still in use. Inside the famous interior with its magnificent frescoes and wall decorations, it is depicted that the Roman patron saint of Saint Polycarp, the patron saint of Izmir. The architect Raymond Charles Péré, who restored the frescoes in the 19th century, has also portrayed himself in the desperate hands of his hands. Mary Péré, daughter of Raymond Charles Péré, is also seen as the child Mary on the scene of “St. Anna and the Child Mary” on the side wall of northern nephrine.

Izmir Historical Elevator

izmir-Historical Elevator

Izmir Historical Elevator was built by a Jewish merchant in 1907. This elevator is one of the important historical buildings of Izmir. Two elevator towers were built to provide transportation between the two streets. You can spend pleasant hours watching the city’s panoramic view. After seeing this beauty, you will not want to leave the historic area.


Pasaport Ferry Terminal

Pasaport Ferry Pier

Passport Ferry Terminal (Pier) is one of the oldest customs buildings in Izmir. Today, it’s being used for passenger transport in the bay. Karsiyaka, Alsancak, Konak, Goztepe, Bostanli ferry services depart from here. At the same time, the terminal is one of the places that has the best sunset view in the city.



  • Archeology Museum: The Archaeological Museum, opened in 1984, is a three-story building exhibiting many works dating from Prehistoric times to the Byzantine period. Izmir Archeology Museum exhibits pieces from the ruins such as Aphrodisias, Bayraklı, Bergama, Bodrum, Çandarlı, Ephesus, Erythria, Iassos, Klaros, Klazomenia, Kolophon, Kyme, Larissa, Lebedos, Magnesia, Milet, Notion, Phokaia, Stratonikeia, Teos and Tralles.
  • Ethnography Museum: The building, which has served as the Ethnography Museum since 1987, was built in neoclassical style in the early 19th century. The first Turkish pharmacy of Izmir, the well-known hospice and turning clothes are exhibited in the museum aiming to introduce the social life of the Izmir region in the 19th century. Featuring handicrafts include tinning, shoemaking, pottery, eyelashes, woodblock printing and carpet weaving.
  • Ataturk Museum: Ataturk’s home in Izmir has been transformed into a museum. The works in the museum and building itself have traces of Ataturk with many years of history (1880).


Places to See Near Izmir

Cesme, Alacati, Foca, Bergama, Seferihisar and Selcuk are only a few of the holiday towns of Izmir. Their unique architecture and atmosphere will take you to another realm.




Cesme is one of the famous towns of Izmir that is preferred by local and foreign tourists for vacation. Cesme Peninsula keeps its doors open all seasons thanks to sunny weather at 300 days of the year. It has beautiful beaches, historical sites, and many attractions.

The hot springs of Cesme are also remarkable. There are many places to stay near the hot springs. The hotels around this area are usually classified as boutique hotels, luxury hotels, and pensions. You can choose one from all-inclusive, half-board or bed & breakfast hotels.


Celsus Library

Izmir-Celsus Library

The Celsus Library is a relic in Ephesus. Ephesus Ancient City is boastfully on the UNESCO World Heritage List. The library was built between the years 110-135 in the Roman period and has two floors. It is thought to have hosted about 14,000 books once upon a time.


Seven Sleepers Cave

Seven Sleepers Cave in Ephesus Antique City is a historical place known both by Christians and Muslims. It’s also called as Ashab al-Kahf.


Allianoi Ancient City

The Allianoi Ancient City, which covers an area of 30 thousand square meters, has a rich relic. The use of the site as a permanent settlement area in Prehistoric, Hellenistic, Roman and Byzantine periods allows the present-day residents to have information about many centuries. The most important feature of the city is its situation in the thermal region. The three-story hot springs and the mosaics at the front are among the most remarkable.


Nebiler Waterfall

Izmir-Nebiler Waterfall

This waterfall in Nebiler Village is visited by local and foreign tourists during the year, especially when the summer season is opened. Trekking tracks are available here. So, you can miraculously enjoy the nature by trekking. At the same time, hot springs and lakes here can be a reason for you to choose Nebiler. After trekking, you can shower with thermal water in the open air and enjoy it.


Bozdag Ski Resort

izmir-Bozdag ski resort

During winter vacation in Izmir, you will witness diverse natural beauties. You can book yourself at one of the Bozdag Ski Resorts or visit the region for daily excursions. Transportation to Bozdag Ski Center is a bit difficult, but spending time here definitely pays off.


Golcuk Plateau

Having an important place in summer tourism, Izmir is one of the cities that offer historical and natural beauties together.

If you are planning a holiday in Izmir, we recommend you to visit the Golcuk Plateau in Odemis. Golcuk Plateau, which is covered with different colors in every season, is located at a distance of 18 km to Odemis and 130 km to the center of Izmir.


Pitane Ancient City

Pitane Ancient City, which hosts many tourists during the year, is located between Aliaga and Bergama.

You can go on a different and fun journey by staying at one of the pensions or hotels near Pitane Ancient City. You can enjoy both the sun and the sea and visit the most impressive places of Izmir.


Karaburun Peninsula

As you travel through all the natural and historical places of the Karaburun Peninsula, a very old settlement area, you will see traces of many civilizations. If you want to have a nice holiday in the summer months, relax and have a good time, book a room in one of the nearby hotels at Karaburun Peninsula.


Izmir Bird Paradise

There are a large number of flamingos and crested pelicans in this region, where 289 bird species have been found. Storks, ruddy shelducks, terns, stilts, bee-eaters, penduline tits, oystercatchers, and many more cute bird species all fascinate you. Izmir Bird Paradise, with an area of 8,000 hectares, is ready to be your most enjoyable time partner.

There are cycling and hiking trails on the 20-kilometer route in Izmir Bird Paradise. Getting around the area with bicycles or battery-powered vehicles might be wonderful.

Kulturpark Fair Area


Many fairs and events are organized throughout the year at Izmir Kulturpark Fair Area. Izmir International Fair is the best known of these events. Apart from this, fairs are organized in various fields such as Izmir Wedding Dress Fair, Handbag&Shoes Fair, Izmir Book Fair, Izmir Plant Fair.


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