Early History

The word ‘Izmir’ was written as ‘Smurne’ in old Ionian dialect, and ‘Smyrna’ in Athens dialect.

The Hellenes are pronouncing the name of this city in the form of Smirni, and in recent years it has been found that there is a settlement of a village called this name in the vicinity of the ancient city of Ephesus. It is thought that some of the Amazon Queens who went from Izmir to Ephesus gave this name to their village.

The old Izmir city was built on a peninsula in the north-east of the bay. The first settlement in the old Izmir mound, named “Tepekule” near Bayraklı, starts from 2000 BC. This mound, which is a small settlement at the beginning, grew and developed around the first nucleus in 2000 BC. It is understood from the excavations that this settlement is associated with the Hittites.

Later Growth

During the Roman Empire, the city, which suffered great damage from the earthquake of 178 AD, was rebuilt and repaired. In this period, it became a big trading center. It became an important bishopric center during and after the spread of Christianity during the Byzantine Empire period and developed in the 5th and 6th centuries AD but lost its former significance in the following years after the Arab raids of the 7th century.

After the death of Alexander the Great, he was home to the Roman and Byzantine civilizations and made important contributions to the spread of Christianity. Providing the opportunity to trade and settle in Genoese and Venetian cities, İzmir has been ruled by the Turks after the 14th century, and Emir Çaka and Aydinoglu Gazi Umur Bey were ruled by the Seljuks and became a province of the Ottoman Empire after the 15th century.

Recent History

Izmir, a destination that can be perceived as the starting point of Turkish tourism in the 1970s, becomes a leading city especially in the recognition of Turkey and tourism.

It has become a cinema filming platform in the films of the period. Later then, many domestic and foreign visitors flocked to Izmir. Direct flights increase with the advent of Izmir Adnan Menderes Airport, which was founded and operated in the 1980s. Today, Izmir Adnan Menderes Airport connects Izmir to the World with its new international and domestic flights.


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