Izmir Beaches

Sunbathe on the Lovely Beaches


Gumuldur, which forms the coastal area of Menderes in the south of Izmir, influences holidaymakers by means of the blue-flagged beaches, the beautiful mix of green and blue, and touristic attraction centers.



Alacati is one of the places that comes to mind when summer vacation is called in Turkey. Indeed, it’s a neighborhood of Cesme. Alacati, which is 1 hour away from the city center to the west of Izmir, welcomes tens of thousands of visitors every year with colorful streets decorated with begonias, impressive stone boutique houses, concept venues and delicious meals.

Having one of the best natural surfing areas in the world, Alacati is also close to many beach clubs. Alacati visitors can meet all the expectations regarding a perfect holiday thanks to its lively nightlife, beautiful restaurants and taverns.




Dikili has managed to stay untouched and virgin, neighboring Ayvalik in the north of the city. With its beautiful countryside, sandy beaches and historical values, Dikili is one of the most visited places in recent years.

Nebiler Waterfall, Deliklitas Village and the blue-flagged beaches in the center are among the first places that come to mind in Dikili. It’s really the right choice for those who want to make a quiet and peaceful holiday.



Cesme is among the most popular holiday destinations in Turkey in terms of sea, sun, sand, thermal, health, surfing, culture and history tourism.

In recent years, the Cesme has become one of the favorite places in the summer season, and offers a wide range of accommodation options for holidays with its hotels, summer houses and pensions. It is also noteworthy that the authentic atmosphere is preserved in Cesme, a small holiday village where houses are restored without spoiling local architecture. A paradise for sea, sun, beach lovers!



Discover Historic Life


Selcuk has world-famous archaeological values. For instance, the Temple of Artemis, considered one of the seven wonders of the world, is located on the borders of this district.

Being one of the most important settlements of Antiquity, Selcuk is almost an open-air museum. In Selcuk, there is Ephesus Ancient City which is one of the 12 cities of Ionia during the classical Greek era. Also, it’s home to many historical monuments such as Virgin Mary’s House, Church of St. Mary, St. Jean Church and the Tomb, Isa Bey Mosque, Seven Sleepers, Byzantine Aqueducts and Pollio Aqueduct.

Virgin Mary's House



Just like Selcuk, Bergama is one of the Izmir provinces with rich historical and archaeological significance. The famous psychiatric hospitals of the world and the medical schools attended by famous physicians of the time existed in here.Therefore, Bergama became one of the most prominent health centers in the ancient times.

The ancient city of Bergama is on the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage List. Asklepion was distributing healing treatments with mud baths, music, water and SPA therapies, meditation, suggestions, natural herbal mixtures, massages, aromatherapy, special diets and so on.

Today, with its mountains and springs, Bergama is the number one destination for nature lovers.


Go Sightseeing

Places to see in Izmir do not end with counting. As its roots are based on Ionian civilization, the city lived brightest days of its time in Helen culture. According to legends and narrations, Izmir was the capital city of gods. The Temple of Athena has been here for centuries. It has ancient cities like Miletus, Ephesus and Samos. So, it is a fairytale city that is mentioned in Heredot’s anecdotes.

The fighting of the Eastern Roman Empire to protect the city with the Arabs, the Seljuks, the Crusaders and the Genoese shows how dear this city is. Having an entirely cultural mosaic with the passing of Ottoman rule, Izmir is filled with many things that will amaze its guests. We have brought together whatever you need to see from the antique cities to the castles, beaches and museums.

Ephesus Antique City
Teos Ancient City
Kemeralti Bazaar
Ephesus Virgin Mary’s Church
Izmir Bird’s Paradise
Garip Island
Karantina (Quarantine) Island
Metropolis Ancient City
Nebiler Waterfall
Pitane Ancient City
Myrina Ancient City
Homer Valley
Golcuk Plateau
Kazak Valley
Buca Pond
Temple of Hadrian
Belevi Mausoleum
Erythrai Antique City
Foca Antique Theater
Foca Athena Temple
Izmir Historical Elevator
Klazomenai Ancient City
St. John Church
Izmir Beth Israel Synagogue
Larissa Antique City
Cesme Castle
Agamemnon Spas, Karakoc Spas, Cesme Hot Springs
Pamucak Beach, Cesme Boyalik Bay, Cesme Pasalimanı Beach, Ekmeksiz Beach and more.

Alsancak Railway Station: This 157-year-old Turkey’s oldest railway station has a truly fascinating atmosphere. In addition to passenger transportation, cargo transportation is still being carried out to other cities of Turkey.


Top Attractions
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