With its seaside location and magnificent scenery, Marmaris Castle is at the beginning of the historical places in Marmaris. History of this castle dates back to 1044 BC.

The magnificent beaches of Marmaris stretch along the 8 km coastline from the center of Marmaris to the town of Icmeler. Marmaris beach has many restaurants, cafes and bars in front of them. You can refresh yourself by swimming in beaches, doing water sports and sunbathing.

Marmaris Public Beach and Uzunyali Beach, which started immediately afterward, are the two main beaches of Marmaris.  Another popular holiday destination of Marmaris is Icmeler Beach, ideal for those who want to enjoy the sea just a little away from Marmaris. Various water sports activities are available at all three beaches.


Marmaris Castle and Hafsa Sultan Caravanserai


The history of the castle between the narrow streets of Kemeralti dates back to 1500’s. According to the narrations, the name of Marmaris is given to the district after the execution of castle’s architect on the order of Sultan Suleyman the Magnificient. Until today, the name of the district remains the same.

The Hafsa Sultan Caravanserai was built in the name of the mother of Sultan Suleyman the Magnificient. It has been used as a place of accommodation for many years.


Paradise Island (Cennet Adasi – Local name)

Marmaris-Cennet Adasi

Paradise Island is actually a peninsula where it is possible to come by boat or walk from Yalanci Bogaz. However, the title “Paradise” precisely fits the island’s definition. If you want to intertwine with the sea, nature, and peace, you should not leave Marmaris without seeing this place.


Baca Magarasi

Marmaris-Baca Magarasi

In our list of places to visit in Marmaris, our next address is actually for underwater photographers and amateur divers. You have a chance to do an unforgettable diving up to 50 meters in Baca Magarasi which is one of the rarest diving places in the world.



Icmeler attracts attention with its more suitable accommodation prices. Considering together with its beautiful nature, Icmeler might be the most suitable place to stay for long time holidays.


Old Bazaar

Marmaris - Old Bazaar

Old Bazaar, whose construction time is not definite at all, is one of the works of the Kanuni period. Although it is similar to the Grand Bazaar, Old Bazaar is smaller in scale and usually sells local souvenirs. If you want to spend a nice time in the cool summer evenings and do some shopping, you should definitely drop by Old Bazaar.


Halici Ahmet Urkay Museum

ahmet urkay museum

A great endeavor given by the philanthropic businessman Ahmet Urkay, the museum includes archaeological and ethnographic artifacts, as well as items that were collected during the travels of the business man. This museum has more of an Ottoman house atmosphere. As a cultural activity in Marmaris, Marmaris Museum and Halici Ahmet Urkay Musem might be a nice alternative.


Bordubet Cove

It is one of the virgin coves in Marmaris. You may feel like you are out of the world even when there is such a heavy influx of tourists.


Aqua Parks

Having various water slides, pools, play parks, cafes and restaurants, aqua parks are one of the best activities for both adults and children.

Marmaris has two large water parks. These are Aqua Dream Water Park and Atlantis Water Park. In addition, hotels and apartments in Marmaris have their own mini water parks.

Marmaris Dolphin Park is a dolphin therapy park set at the sea between Grand Mares Resort and Grand Yazici Club Turban. You can go sightseeing to Marmaris Dolphin Park to view and play with dolphins.

Do not miss the dolphin park, which is a very nice activity especially for children.


Marmaris Beaches

Icmeler Beach at Marmaris

Icmeler is a popular holiday resort located about 8 km from Marmaris. It is a good choice for those who want a quiet holiday. There are also plenty of activities and places to visit in Icmeler.

Turunc is a popular holiday resort, 21 km away from Marmaris. It is a nice choice for those who want a much calmer holiday in a beautiful bay on the edge of green mountains. Turunc has a lot of activities and places to visit.

Dalyan is one of the must-see places at Marmaris holidays with its wonderful natural beauties. Dalyan is a world-famous holiday resort. Iztuzu beach, caretta caretta sea turtles, mud baths, rock tombs and the ancient city of Kaunos offer nice opportunities to visit. Daily boat trips to Dalyan are available in Marmaris.

Cleopatra Island and its beach are about 16 km to Marmaris. Its real name is Sedir Island. The island is famous for ancient city and the magnificent Cleopatra beach. Cleopatra beach is a protected site because of its gold-colored sand. Daily trips from Cleopatra Island to Marmaris and vice versa are arranged.

Kizkumu Beach is also one of the popular and beautiful beaches of the region. Located at approximately 28 km from Marmaris. Kizkumu beach offers a natural surprise to their visitors.  Kizkumu beach situates in such a beautiful bay that you can walk to almost the middle of the sea.


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