Exploring the Area

Cappadocia is a historical region that includes the Goreme National Park, which is located in Nevsehir province. Cappadocia, which was included in the list of UNESCO World Cultural Heritage in 1985, is the result of the transformation of the lava and ashes which were erupted by volcanic mountains over 60 million years ago. The result of this metamorphosis that has been happening for many years is a wonderful natural phenomenon.

The Cappadocia region where you will feel yourself in the film set is scattered in the cities of Nevşehir, Kayseri, Kırşehir, Aksaray and Niğde. The most important tourist areas in the region are Ürgüp, Göreme, Ihlara Valley and Avanos. In Derinkuyu and Kaymaklı regions, there are underground cities worth seeing.


Hugging the Nature

You can witness the magnificent view of the city by taking the hot air balloons of Cappadocia’s sine qua non. Another important activity in Cappadocia is trekking adventure in the Ihlara Valley.


Eating and Drinking

Located in the heart of Anatolia, Cappadocia conveys the breeze of traditional Anatolian cuisine. Most of the regional dishes are shaped according to the agricultural activities. Most meals are made with pulses and cereals.

Among the tastes you can enjoy in Cappadocia are “testi kebab” which contains a lot of tastes, “dugu soup” made of cracked wheats, chickpea stew made from sheep meat, “ayva dolmasi” quinces stuffed with mince and “divil yemegi” consisting of potato and cracked wheat.

In Cappadocia, which has delicious dishes prepared with local methods, you can taste other zests such as “kombe”, “potato soup”, “”canak”, “sizgit”and “bulama” besides these dishes.

Cappadocia has restaurants that have international flavors as well as having rich Anatolian cuisine. In Cappadocia, you can enjoy magnificent scenery while eating delicious food prepared by master chefs.

Wine-making has become a tradition in Cappadocia. The region has been producing wine for 4000 years. Especially the wines made in the Avanos region are ready for presentation after waiting for many years. Vineyards and wine-making have become symbols of Cappadocia. When you come here, you must absolutely enjoy the exquisite wines in the cave.

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