Marmara Region is the entrance gate of Turkey from Europe. Ataturk Airport and Sabiha Gokcen Airport are the most featured airports of the Region as well as of Istanbul.

There are train services from Istanbul to Greece, Bulgaria, and Balkan countries. The eastern countries are linked by rail, air, and land.

How to Travel in Marmara

There are daily bus services from Istanbul to all cities. There are daily flights from Balkan countries to Istanbul. You can get to the Marmara region easily by car as well as plane.


In summer there are daily regular boat tours from Izmir to Istanbul and vice versa.

The train travel system is not like a spider web as it is in all of Turkey. There are train services between Istanbul and Edirne. And these expeditions go to Bulgaria. These flights are also available between Bandirma and Balıkesir. Marmara sea coasts also have a wide network of ferries and fast ferry services leading to the north and south coasts. Most of the fast ferries depart from Istanbul and go to the archipelago.

What to Look For

The Byzantine and Ottoman empires were built around this region. There are many monuments belonging to empires in Marmara. Even though most of Byzantine monuments live in Istanbul, Bursa and Edirne are home to many historical pieces. Because these are the chief cities of the empires.


Getting Around
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