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Lamartine describes Istanbul, which embraces Asia with one hand and Europe with the other:

If one had but a single glance to give the world, one should gaze on Istanbul.

Istanbul has witnessed many civilizations for centuries. The ancient Greek, the Eastern Roman (Byzantine) empire, and the Ottoman Empire designated it as the capital. Therefore, Istanbul deserves to be the shining star of Turkey with its historical texture and business potential.

The most beautiful monuments of the city are located on the historical peninsula between Halic-Marmara Sea-Walls. You should definitely see the Blue Mosque which has become a symbol of Istanbul with its six minarets. On the opposite is the famous Hagia Sophia Museum, which was built as a church in the time of Emperor Justinian.

Suleymaniye Mosque, which watches these two magnificent abodes from another hill, is the peak of Ottoman architectural art.

Topkapi Palace, Hippodrome, Obelisk, Yerebatan Cistern, Dolmabahce Palace, Beyler Beyi Palace, Ciragan Palace, Istanbul Walls, Taksim Square and many other historical places await to be admired. Istanbul has been housing countless historical monuments. It is no wonder that there are so many great structures as it was the political center for Ottoman sultans through 400 years.

While the Grand Bazaar still carries the traces of the holy days of the past with the labyrinthine structure, it also introduces brand new products of the modern world. You can walk around for hours without feeling the slightest tiredness in your legs. Jewels, copper items, carpets, assorted leather, and suede. Enchanting …

A ferry trip in the Bosphorus is perfect to see luxurious villas built in the 20th century, Dolmabahce, Göksu and Beylerbeyi Palaces, Rumeli and Anadolu Fortresses. Moreover, Prince Islands, fishing villages, restaurants, tea gardens, parks, and nightclubs are bonuses for Istanbul travelers.


You will love the Green Pavilion, Uludag, silk fabrics and towels, inns, baths, Green Mosque and churches in Bursa.

The taste of Iskender Kebab and Chestnut sugar will stay on your lips.

Even though Bursa has green nature, The Green Mosque and Green Tomb are the main reasons for the epithet of “Green Bursa”. The tomb, which was built by Celebi Sultan Mehmet in 1421, has received the name of Green Tomb among the people thanks to the green tiles. The reliefs, tiles and colorful decorations used in the construction are worth seeing. In the Green Mosque, you will have a chance to see the finest examples of tile ornaments.

Furthermore, Must see destinations in Bursa are Uludag Ski Resort, Golyazı, Mudanya, Iznik, Cumalikizik, Ulu Mosque, Bursa Castle and many other churches.


Dardanelle known as Hellespontos and Dardanel in ancient times saw one of the greatest wars in human history. As a result of these wars, the phrase of “Canakkale shall not be passed” has come up to date.

Everywhere in the Dardanelles is magnificent in terms of both historically and naturally. Hasan Mevsuf Battery in Dardanos district, Mecidiye and Namazgah batteries in Kilitbahir live the spirit of the year of 1915. The Ottoman monuments, Kumkale Nara and Kilitbahir, which were built for defense purposes in the middle age, and the Clock Tower in the heart of the city are still standing.

Additionally, many history fans love Alexandria Troas remains in Canakkale.


To the north of the Aegean Sea is an island filled with surprises: Bozcaada is the third largest island of Turkey. Actually, it’s a holiday destination for the ones who look for tranquility. All you have to do is to explore the vast vineyards behind you, the dreamy beaches, the sparkling sea, the small tiles that are special to you, the thyme fragrant hills and the delicious wines …

Gokceada (Imbros)

Gokceada is one of the two Turkish islands in the North Aegean region. In fact, it’s the largest island of Turkey, about eight times larger than the size of Bozcaada. Because of being Turkey’s westernmost point, it has the title of  “the place where the sun has last sunk”. Access to the island is only provided by the sea. There are an intercity ferryboat and a sea bus.

The noble stances of the abandoned Greek villages, the goats and the sheep that roam freely in the thyme hills, the chapels, the mountains, the lakes, the flowing fountains and the centuries-old olive trees are some of the natural charms of Gokceada. Furthermore, you can find many virgin coves to enjoy the sea and sun in Gokceada. Aydincik and Yuvali beaches win recognition with their daily facilities. Yıldızkoy is a fascinating place on the north with the aquarium-like sea. Here you can windsurf, kitesurf and dive. Rum villagers, Tepekoy Cinar, Salt Lake, Underwater National Park, Cheese Rocks and Rock Tombs are really worth seeing places in Gokceada.


Edirne, formerly “Adrianople”, lies near the borders of Greece and Bulgaria. This city was the second capital of the Ottoman Empire from 1365 to 1453. Thus, Edirne has a fascinating history. Actually, the city is prestigious with its beautiful monuments, including the architect Sinan’s masterpiece Selimiye Mosque. The mosque has the highest minarets in Turkey. Other tourist attractions in Edirne include Alipasa bazaar, Macedon Tower, Uc Serefeli Cami (Mosque) and the best-fried lamb liver in the world – the symbol of the city!

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