Alanya, like all of Antalya, resembles a paradise with its natural beauty. Historical beauties shed light on the thousands of years of history. In short, if you are thinking what to do in Alanya, be sure that a thousand things to do in this holiday paradise and countless wonderful places to visit. You can experience many holiday concepts at the same time in Alanya.


Enjoy the pleasures of Alanya Beaches

Alanya-Cleopatra Beach

One of the most enjoyable parts of a vacation in Alanya is to go swimming in the deep blue waters of the Mediterranean. The sea water of Alanya is so brilliant that snooping fish with naked eyes is a piece of cake especially when the weather is calm. Lots of beaches from large to small ones all of which are blue-flagged lie down for the vacationers. These beaches can be enumerated as Cleopatra Beach, Portakal Beach, Damlatas Beach, Incekum Beach, Keykubat Beach, Ulas Beach, Mahmutlar Beach and Fugla Beach.


Unlock the Secrets of the Caves

Phosphorous Cave

The natural beauties of Alanya do not end with counting. After visiting the beaches, it is a good activity to spend time in the city and visit the caverns. The most noteworthy of caves in Alanya is the Damlatas Cave. It’s located on the west coast of Alanya Castle, 3 km outside the city. In addition, caves such as Dim Cave and Phosphorous Cave which we gave details in our “Highlights” article are surely worth seeing.


Rafting at Dim Stream

Rafting at Dim Stream

Besides the natural beauties of Alanya making it outstanding tourism center, we can say that it is also the center of nature sports. Among the Alanya attractions, rafting has a remarkable standing. Dim Stream, 6 km east of Alanya, is a perfect place for rafting. 5.5 km rafting adventure gives pleasure to tourists who seek adrenaline.

The Dim Stream emerges from the skirts of the Taurus Mountains and pours into the Mediterranean. One of the reasons why Dim Stream is preferred is its proximity to the main road. Furthermore, Sapadere Canyon which is suitable for trekking could be a bonus for fans.


Visit Ancient Cities

Alara Castle

Alanya is very rich in terms of history. Numerous historical artifacts and monuments within boundaries constitute gravity for the travelers. As we mentioned at the beginning of “Highlights“, there are handful cultural sites that you can fit into the same day with the Alanya Castle. Examples include Alara Han and Alara Castle. You can experience unforgettable moments by choosing one of these and spending all day with fascinating historical artifacts. Some of the ancient cities in Alanya; Hamaxia, Syedra, Leartes, Aytap. Alanya Archaeological Museum is also a must-see place.


Discover Alanya Plateaus

Alanya Plateaus

Plateaus in Alanya have an important place in tourism. On the skirts of the Taurus, you can spend a pleasant day at one of many plateaus. In fact, spending the summers at the plateau is a thousand years old Yoruk Turkmen culture. Plateau culture is living today in comfortable prefabricated houses instead of traditional tents.


Cheer up in Alanya NightlifeAlanya Nightlife

There are abounding discos, nightclubs and bars in Alanya where the nightlife is quite alive especially in summer season. Night Life is a sine qua non in Alanya Holiday. After a tiring day, you can go to the discos or nightclubs if you want to end the day by entertaining wildly. It is also possible to close the day by sipping a beer at a quiet place.

Alanya nightlife has a multinational environment consisting of local and foreign tourists. Keep in mind that it would be very difficult to leave Alanya if you get used to the unique entertainment of nightlife in Alanya.


Pursue the Adventure via Water Sports

Alanya-ParasailingWhen you go to Alanya, it is possible to spend time with various water sports. The main water sports that are convenient to nature and sea are jet-ski, sea parachute, banana tour, seabed, marble, rafting, canoe and surf. Both hotels and the craftsman on public beaches lovingly organize activities to do these sports.


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