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If you are looking for a travel guide for places to visit in the Mediterranean region of Turkey, you are reading the right article. This article provides a list of holiday destinations in the Mediterranean and information on the most popular resorts in the Mediterranean.

Here are the most beautiful holiday destinations in the Mediterranean for a great vacation:

Must-See Places in the Mediterranean

Turkey is such a lucky country that the most beautiful coasts of the Mediterranean are here … Millions of tourists flock to the Mediterranean region every year, holiday resorts are much more appealing than the first-class holiday villages. The tours to the depths of these unique and cultural heritage sites are now a better alternative than being stuck in a hotel. We prepared a Mediterranean Travel Guide that you can travel all around the region.


Holiday Destinations in Antalya


Apart from the holiday villages and the beaches full of 5-star hotels, Alanya has very important Mediterranean cultural values. When you come to Alanya for your holiday, you can visit Alanya Castle or visit beautiful natural caves.


Alanya Caves: a Treasure of Nature

Damlatas Cave is an excellent place formed by the drop-by-droplet accumulation of rainwater on the sea-floor ceiling. Fosforlu (Phosphorous) Cave, which can only be reached by sea, takes its name from the light plays which are formed in it and also has an enchanting beauty. Here you can swim in the sea as well. Moreover, Dim Cave with its 1 million-year-old age is one of the oldest caves.

Phosphorous Cave



The old Lycian ancient city Phaselis is reached via Antalya-Kemer road. It is also located within a large forest. The ancient city Phaselis dates back to the 7th century BC. With its picnic and beach facilities as well as its historical texture, it has become a popular destination for tourists. The Roman bath, the ancient theater with its three ports, aqueducts and the Hadrian’s Gate are worth seeing. Since covered with forests, it is a pleasant and comfortable place to visit even in the scorching heat of summer.

Beydagları National Park in Kemer also merits seeing … It is the focus of nature lovers. You will be thrilled to arrive here on a fabulous cable car journey. Watching one of the most beautiful national parks in the world between cedar and pine trees will bring your soul into the clouds.

Beldibi Cave is located in Beldibi Village of Kemer-Antalya. Many tourists visit this cave during the year. The landscapes from the cave just above 100 m from the sea-level are magnificent. The green of nature combines the blue of the sea with the clouds in the sky. At the same time, Beldibi Cave presents historical remains to its guests. The cave is divided into two parts, one up and one down. Schematic people, home, and animal paintings are found around the bunkers and are extremely striking.


Antalya Serik

The Aspendos Theater is one of the splendid sites to visit in the Mediterranean. Although it has passed about two thousand years since its construction, it has remained as original because it is well preserved. This ancient theater has reached to our time in perfect condition and is well known in the world.



The theater was built during the Romans period. Now, It’s in the boundaries of Belkis Village of Antalya. The theater, which was completed in 180 years, is one of the most important of Roman works. There hold concerts and various events in Aspendos, hosting hundreds of local and foreign tourists every year.

Because it’s an eximious amphitheater in terms of sound propagation, your voice will make a great echo in here. When you go to Aspendos, you can see the visitors shouting to the air and being impressed.

Other places to visit in Serik include Koprulu Canyon, Zeytintasi Cave, Bogazkent Bird Paradise and Flying Water Falls.



Located about 90 km away from Antalya, Olympos is a protected site because it is the hatching area of caretta caretta tortoises. With bungalows, tree houses and campsites, it’s one of the preferred stops of especially foreign travelers and university students. Beydaglari and Olympos National Park are a blessing for those who are interested in outdoor sports.

Cirali Beach is located near Olympos. You should absolutely visit Yanartas (Flaming Stone), a natural gas source that becomes a subject of Greek mythology. While you are at as far as Olympos, Gelidonya Lighthouse is worth seeing with its unique view …



The beauty of the coasts in the Mediterranean is gaining another dimension towards the west. This area is the place where Aegean and Mediterranean are mixed together and hosts the unique beaches of the world. You can tour this region by staying in Kas, which stands out for its nature sports and advanced tourism facilities. You can watch the unique beauty of the sea, the sand and the sun as well as the sweet harmony of the sunlight reflected in the water. Kas is the primary diving spot of Turkey and also important in terms of underwater natural and historical values. The most famous Kas cave is named as Pigeon Cave.

You can easily swim in Big Pebbles, Small Pebbles and Akcagerme Beaches in Kas. You can go to Limanagzi Beach with regular boats. One of the most popular activities is boat tours. You can see the sunken city together with the wonderful wonders of nature and try the canyon with hidden coves.

Kaputas beach is located close to Kas and a must-see.This unique and beautiful beach will truly fascinate you as it deserves to be among the most beautiful beaches in the world.

Kaputas Beach

Patara, located in the Kas district of Antalya, has ancient values like Patara writings. In addition, the fictional hero called Santa Claus is believed to live in Patara during the Byzantine period. Patara Beach is also famous for its shallow sea and beach. It is possible to cross the Greek island of Meis from Kas by ferry service.


In this settlement, you will be able to see white houses with a traditional structure or beautiful balconies decorated with shutters and flowers. It is possible to reach Guvercinlik Cave at a distance of 2 km from Kalkan.

Kalkan is among clean and decent residential sites where people find peace when they visit. Tourist agencies often organize tours especially to the Bezirgan plateau. With these tours, you can climb to the top of the pine forests.


Holiday Destinations in Mersin

If you want to make a holiday in Mersin, here are some holiday places we can recommend to you:

Kiz Kalesi: The first place that comes to my mind when Mersin is called, Kiz Kalesi … The Kiz Kalesi, which is approximately 23 km away from Erdemli, is at the top of the most visited places in Mersin.

Mersin-Kiz Kalesi

Kargipinari: The Kargipinari, which is suitable for swimming for about 7 months with about 2500 meters of shore, is one of the most beautiful holiday places in Mersin.

Ayas: Ayas has three beautiful beaches, namely Yemiskumu, Merdivenlikuyu, and Kumkuyu beaches. It’s a charming holiday village with a history dating back to ancient times.

Kumkuyu: Kumkuyu, a neighborhood connected to the Erdemli district, is famous for its public beaches: Zincirlikuyu and Tobank. The district has accommodation facilities suitable for every budget.

Susanoglu: Susanoglu, a holiday town connected to Silifke, is waiting for you with a wonderful beach… It is 70 km away from the city center.

Tasucu: Having a wonderful climate, Tasucu is sunny almost 300 days in a year. We can say it’s a great place to be a cottage owner. With the wonderful beach, the favorite of holiday fans.

The first historic site you should see in Tarsus is Eshab-ı Kehf Cave, i.e. Seven Sleepers’ Cave … Tomb of Prophet Danyal, Tarsus Waterfall, Tarsus Ulu Mosque and Kırkasik Bedesten are other highlights of Tasucu.

Heaven-Hell, Uzuncaburc, Olba Antique City, Kanlı Divane, Adam Kayalar, Silifke Castle are worth seeing in Mersin …


Holiday Destinations in Adana

Watching the scenery of the Central Sabancı Mosque and Taskopru is a must for those who travel to Adana. Places to see in Adana: Big Clock Tower, Adana Great Mosque (Ulu Cami), Historical German Bridge, Kapikaya Canyon, Anavarza Castle, Belemedik Plateau, Seyhan Dam …

Adana-Tas Kopru

The most popular holiday resorts in Adana are Yumurtalik Beach and Karatas Beach… In fact, Yumurtalik Beach is the most preferred one. Local people also call it Ayas Beach. However, Karatas beach is wonderful with its fine sand and features such as being able to swim in all seasons.


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