Kemer is one of Turkey’s renowned holiday resorts thanks to its intense interest in natural and historical beauties. You can easily create your sightseeing plans for this beautiful town of Antalya by browsing the “Things to See in Kemer” list in which we give you detailed information about popular areas.


1. Phaselis Ancient City and Cove

Kemer-Phaselis Ancient City

Phaselis Ancient City and Cove have become popular due to their natural beauty as well as historical value. The ancient city, about 12 kilometers from Kemer, was under the sovereignty of many civilizations after the Lycians founded it in the 7th century BC. Thanks to the excavation works done, many parts, especially the harbor, were brought to the surface. After strolling through the city, you can have a picnic in the area and enjoy the sea on the beach. In this ancient city, there are 3 coves and a beach to make it absolutely worth seeing.


2. Beydaglari Olympos National Park

Kemer-Olympos National Park

Beydaglari Olympos National Park, which was taken under protection in 1972, is located within walking distance of the Cirali District. The most important part of the national park is Olympos Antique City enclosing Yanartas, famous since the Lycian period.

You can primarily visit the rock tombs and Acropolis in the ancient city section of the conservation area. Additionally, the beach that you can sunbathe and swim is a bonus for the travelers. Do not forget to stop for a while in the Acropolis and enjoy the spectacular scenery.


3. Beldibi Cave

Kemer-Beldibi Cave

Beldibi Cave is located close to the exit of the Camdag tunnel on the 40th kilometer of Antalya-Kemer Coastal Road. It has information about the prehistoric ages of the region. It was discovered in 1956. The excavations revealed that the cave had 6 plates relating to the Late Palaeolithic and Mesolithic periods. While visiting the cave that has been damaged for natural reasons, you can look at the frescos of animals and people on its walls.


4. Tahtali Beach

Kemer-Tahtali Beach

Tahtali Beach is an indispensable place for adrenaline buffs.  Vacationers find its long coastline covered with sand awesome. This beach is the starting point of RedBull Enduro Race which started to be organized in 2009 with the slogan of “Sea to Sky“.

You can spend a wonderful time on the beach or enjoy the view from Olympos Cable Car and Tahtali Mountain. Alternatively, you can experience exciting minutes with paragliding.


5. Goynuk Canyon

Kemer-Goynuk Canyon

A significant part of the Lycian Way, known as one of the world’s top 10 nature trekking trails, passes through Goynuk Canyon. It deserves to be a stopover place for travelers thanks to its breathtaking natural beauties. You can enjoy the nature by walking where the necessary safety equipment is presented to visitors at the entrance. What’s more, you can play paintball, or if you are looking for excitement, you can walk on cables hanging in the canyon. Towards the end of the canyon, the waterfalls and the ponds appear in a flash.


6. Yanartas (Flaming Stone)


Yanartas was called “Endless Fire” at the times of Lycians. It lies within the boundaries of the ancient city of Olympos near Cirali. You need to walk a slightly inclined pathway to see the natural flame source. Yanartas is surrounded by pine forests and stands at a point having the unique view of the Mediterranean. According to Greek mythology, the source of fire is the flames of Chimera, which the Lycian king sent down seven floors below the ground. Thus, the area was also called Mount Chimera.


7. Ucoluk Plateau

Kemer-Ucoluk Plateu

Ucoluk Plateau which reveals the natural beauties of the Mediterranean at a height of 1500 meters is 37 kilometers away from the center of Ucoluk. In the area where no infrastructure services are available, you can choose simple highland houses or camping for the accommodation. The plateau is the stopping point for trekking enthusiasts. With its rich faunas and flora, it’s also ideal for nature photographers. If you have the necessary equipment, you can use a mountain bike on the hiking trails.


8. Paris 2 Wreck

Kemer-Paris 2 Wreck

One of the most beautiful spots for divers in Kemer, Paris 2 Wreck lies at a distance of 33 meters from the sea surface inshore of Kemer Marina. After being discovered in 1995, Sunken became popular among divers and underwater photographers. It is also named by many international magazines as one of “the best diving sites in the world“.


9. Tekirova Ecological Natural Park

Kemer-Tekirova Ecological Natural Park

Tekirova Ecological Natural Park hosts the world’s first flora-herpetofauna tissue miniature in 40 thousand m². In other words, reptiles and amphibian creatures are shown to visitors in living spaces decorated with plants found in their natural environment. You can also have a chance to see the exotic bird species in the theme park.

You may visit the webpage of the Park on this link.


10. Olympos Cable Car


Olympos Cable Car makes it possible to see the natural beauties of the district from the air. By cable car, you can reach the facilities of Tahtali Mountain in 10 minutes with cabins of 80 people. Besides beautiful routes for hikers and mountain bikers, Tahtali Mountain also suitable for paragliding.


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