Things to Do in Kemer

One of the most popular holiday resorts in the Mediterranean, Kemer is a paradise with a lot of activity, sunshine, entertainment, greenery and history. Especially in the summer months, the resort welcomes visitors from all over the world and offers different types of travel.

Whether you explore the magnificent nature of Kemer or tour cultural treasures or enjoy the sun on blue-flagged beaches, it’s guaranteed to have an unforgettable holiday with your loved ones.


Breathe Historic Atmosphere

Kemer-Olympos Ancient City

Kemer, which hosts two important ancient cities such as Phalesis and Olympos, attracts the attention of history enthusiasts. Transportation to the Phalesis Ancient City is available by both sea and land. The ancient city, which is known to have been part of the Roman period, continues to welcome many visitors today. Another ancient city, Olympos attracts intense interest. Just like Phalesis, this city also has traces of Roman and Byzantine times. You should definitely allow a part of your trip to see these magnificent values and take a short journey in history.


Admire Natural Beauties

In Kemer, where nature behaves quite generously, magnificent stops are waiting for nature lovers. Especially if you visit during spring and summer, the number of activities is quite high. What are these activities we talk about? First of all, you can visit Beydaglari National Park and spend a wonderful day. You can enjoy the unique sea of Cirali Beach and you can tent camp in the national park.

In search of a different alternative, you can experience a completely different experience by exploring Beldibi Cave and Molla Deligi Cave. In addition to all these, you can take part in long walks in Goynuk Canyon where a significant part of the Lycian Way passes, and you can find a variety of nature sports in the coastal waterfalls and natural pools. Yanartas, 35 km away from the city, deserves to be on the travel list with its mythological story and all the charm.


Sand-Sea-Sun Trilogy in Exquisite Beaches


As for Kemer, there is no doubt that the trio of sea, sand and sun comes to mind. With its blue-flagged beaches, crystal clear sea and unlimited sunshine, the resort has many beaches and coves that make holidaymakers smile. Some of the beaches are privately owned, while others are part of the accommodation facilities. These beaches usually found in all-inclusive resorts offer visitors a comfortable and enjoyable travel experience.


Water and Nature Sports

Kemer-Water Sports

Kemer is also very convenient for water and nature sports. There are proper activities not only for adrenaline buffs but for everyone who likes to play sports. It is even possible to try out some of the sports you have never tried before. Feel free to experience the sensations you have never tasted.

Among the water sports you can do during your stay are; surfing, water skiing, banana, jet-ski, as well as special water sports such as diving and parasailing. If you want to use your preference for activities on the land, you can trek in Goynuk Canyon or Ucoluk Plateau, join jeep safari tours in the Taurus Mountains, go nature hikes in Yanartas or rent bicycles to have long rides with your beloved ones.


Get on the Boat Tours

Kemer-Boat Tour

One of the activities that must be done in Kemer is to take part in daily boat tours departing from the town. You will be able to explore the most beautiful coves in the vicinity. These tours are offered at very reasonable prices throughout the season. Paradise Bay, Adrasan Bay, Phalesis and Cape Cleopatra, Pirates Cave are just a few of the stops to visit during the tour. In addition, the tours organized by five-star hotels make possible to join with your own groups of friends.


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