How to Make a Cheaper Ski Holiday in Turkey?

If you are looking for ways to make your ski holiday cheaper, this article is for you!

Make reservation before snowfall

Early booking is important to make a reservation for skiing holidays. With the snowfall, people are having a vacation in their minds, so there is an increase in demand. Accordingly, this is reflected in prices. More affordable bookings are possible before snowing.

Winter Holiday

Search online and buy online

The search for the price of accommodation should be made via internet. The same hotel can be tracked down from many holiday websites. Each holiday website has its own campaign, you can choose the one that suits you best. You can also earn extra cash if you buy holiday package via cash-back sites. Thus, your holiday will become cheaper than what you planned.


Check foreign websites

There is no more local-foreign concept on the Internet. You can make an online booking on the foreign websites. Most of them can give very competitive prices for Turkish hotels by publishing in your native language.


Hunt for the last-minute deals

It is still possible for those who skip early bookings to catch an affordable holiday opportunity. Most of the last-minute deals of online holiday sites help you not to be sad for missing out early bookings.

Prefer Transportation Included Packages

If your travel agency offers a holiday package including transportation, be sure to pay regard to it. According to one research, once your vacation plan tarries until the last-minute and you have to go by air, you should focus on options including transportation. Even if another agent gives the same price to the same hotel, calculate your possible travel expenses and make your choice over the hotel + transport total number.


The choice of destination matters

Uludag, Kartalkaya and Palandoken ski centers are costly especially in the peak season. These are followed by Erciyes, Kartepe, Ilgaz, Saklikent and Davraz. However, more than 50 ski resorts such as Gümüshane-Zigana, Agrı-Bubi Mountain, Erzincan-Ergan Mountain, Trabzon-Cakirgol, Burdur-Salda may demand a lot cheaper prices.


Stay away from New Year and Semester

Even if you book early, the prices of Christmas and semester are very high. The second half of December, January and February are among the expensive periods. Provided that you agree to take a holiday in November, the first half of December or March, a vacation at a price three times lower than the Christmas and semester will be possible.

Waive from being at the side of the ski-run

As you move away from the ski resort, your accommodation expenses get affordable. Even staying in the city center instead of the ski resort, taking day-trips to ski resort reduces the cost of accommodation to the least. If you are traveling in a crowded group, alternatives for reserving rooms for 5-6 people or renting a house from the city center might be suitable for you.


Rent ski equipment

If you are skiing for only a few days a year, definitely choose to rent the material instead of buying it. Therefore, it’s necessary to do very good research on the internet before renting a hotel. Ski resorts with the lowest rental rates save you extra money.


How to Make a Cheaper Ski Holiday in Turkey?
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