Where Do You Get the Best Souvenirs from Istanbul?

Shopping in Istanbul, which is full of surprises, might become puzzling. Here you can find the most beautiful things to remember Istanbul with a souvenir or a gift to your loved ones.

Istanbul, one of the world’s largest and most energetic metropolises, welcomes millions of visitors every year. There is a characteristic of every district of this world city which is very familiar to us. That is why it is almost impossible to get to know Istanbul in a hundred percent and to feel the sensation of discovering everything. This mysterious city can surprise you with every street, mood and space at any moment.

Getting the best souvenir might be troublesome in such a metropolitan city. Well, where are the perfect gift options for this giant city?  No worries, we discover …


Grand Bazaar

Grand Bazaar

The Grand Bazaar, the world’s largest bazaar, has traditional souvenir items that reflect Istanbul’s mystic atmosphere. This bazaar, which has been serving since 1461, is a historical artifact and shopping paradise with its labyrinth-like structure and its 4,000 shops. You can find something interesting in every street of the Grand Bazaar, which is affordable for shopping thanks to the product prices determined by the state. You can get stylish gifts of this authentic venue with jewelry, traditional Turkish motif embroidered rugs, fezs, antiques, Istanbul embroidered fabrics, souvenir cups, backgammon and chess sets.


The Egyptian Bazaar (Spice Bazaar)

Spice Bazaar

An old shopping mall that smells of Istanbul’s history is the Egyptian Bazaar. When you visit this bazaar, founded in 1664, you will feel like you are discovering a museum. Located in Eminonu, this bazaar has 6 gates famous for its massive dimensions. This allows you to explore the bazaar in an easy way. The Egyptian Bazaar is well-known for its spices and delights. You can buy dry foods that appeal to the health of your loved ones, and the best quality of traditional candies that will sweeten your mouth. In ceramic ateliers and leather shops, you can also find stylish souvenirs and bags at the bazaar.



Shopping at Galata

Galata’s shopping options are much different from the Grand Bazaar and the Egyptian Bazaar. Items, sold in small and colorful shops lined up along the Galata slope, represent the modern face of Istanbul. The customer population is usually made up of young people.

Galata highlights the gift of leather goods, leather shoes, retro magnets, various gift items, wallets, boxes, and of course pieces of jewelry that can enchant you with their designs.



Streets of Ortakoy

Ortakoy comes to mind when one speaks of jewelry in Istanbul. The benches on the narrow streets of the region descending to the shores of Ortakoy show an excellent landscape with handmade jewelry. You should spend most of the day on the benches for every suit of choice. In addition, lots of paintings and cups that summarize Istanbul await you in Ortakoy. After you’ve eaten the kumpir (kind of baked potato), you can enjoy the seaside airing.


Where Do You Get the Best Souvenirs from Istanbul?
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