Thermal & Spa Resorts in Turkey

Turkey has wonderful thermal waters that have been healing for centuries.

Turkey has a great importance as there are countless thermal water resources each of which is a remedy for curable diseases. The thermal waters in Turkey have superior qualities both in terms of flow rate and temperature as well as various physical and chemical properties. They flush at a temperature of 20 degrees and above at the exit point.

In fact, Turkey has a geography that has had experience in therapy with thermal water for thousands of years.


Advantages of Turkey in Healthcare

  •  Two-hour flight to many European countries
  •  Modern, contemporary and safe
  •  Large number of foreign language speakers and experienced tourism staff
  •  Beauty of the climate that is sunny almost three hundred days a year
  •  Price – quality balance
  •  Sports facilities for seniors,
  •  Cure treatment with fruits, vegetables and natural plants
  •  The nature that is suitable for uvalism
  •  Healthy rich cuisine formed with olive oil and herbs

Thermal facilities treat skin diseases, especially rheumatism, gynecological diseases and respiration, diseases of cardiovascular system, gastrointestinal, kidney and urinary tract diseases, metabolism and allergic diseases. Experts say that at least 10 days and at most 15 days must be spent in the baths. Thus, accommodation, physical therapy, and pool facilities are available as a package service. Patients who do not want to stay can benefit from the facilities on a day-to-day basis.

The thermal treatment centers in Turkey provide special rooms for disabled and elderly people. Convenient equipment in physiotherapy units and special arrangements in the pools are some of the amenities.

In addition to treatments in modern facilities, Turkey offers a wonderful holiday opportunity with their unique nature, archeological values, historical and cultural attractions.

Having trained people at the cure centers and being able to serve for 12 months are helpful aspects of Turkey in health tourism.


Medical SPA and Wellness Facilities

You can find accommodation facilities with different qualities from five-star hotels to pensions.

SPA services known as “Goodness from water” are also provided at these facilities. It includes not only water and mud therapies but also health care such as a hot water pool, various massage therapies, aromatherapies, diet, beauty and care.

Thermal Hotels in Turkey serves healing, hot, cold and different types of drainage, dripping, showering and spraying. In this way, visitors are provided with the opportunity to refresh and relax.

The wellness service will make your body look seamless. You can open the door of healthy life with all kinds of massages, skin care, mud and seaweed baths as well as thalassotherapy.


Best Thermal Springs in Turkey:

  1. Kizilcahamam Thermal Springs, Ankara
  2. Hudai Thermal Springs, Afyon
  3. Orucoglu Thermal Springs, Afyon
  4. Gazligol Thermal Springs, Afyon
  5. Omer and Gocek Thermal Springs, Afyon
  6. Gonen Thermal Springs, Balikesir
  7. Kos Thermal Springs, Bingol
  8. Karacasu Thermal Springs, Bolu
  9. Cekirge Thermal Springs, Bursa
  10. Oylat Thermal Springs, Bursa
  11. Kestanbol Thermal Springs, Canakkale
  12. Pamukkale and Karahayit Thermal Springs, Denizli
  13. Hamamyolu Thermal Springs, Eskisehir
  14. Sakar Thermal Springs, Eskisehir
  15. Balcova Thermal Springs, Izmir
  16. Cesme Thermal Springs, Izmir
  17. Ilgin Thermal Springs, Konya
  18. Harlek Thermal Springs, Kutahya
  19. Sultaniye Thermal Springs, Mugla
  20. Balikli Cermik, Sivas
  21. Yalova Thermal Springs, Yalova
Thermal & Spa Resorts in Turkey
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