Top 5 Android Apps for a Comfortable Travel

These Free Android apps will make your travel more enjoyable.

Android apps make life easier either for a short break or for a world tour. Some Android travel apps are useful to find directions. While some save lives, others entertain you. For instance, you  may be able to make reservations in a few minutes.

With the increase of Android smartphones, the number of Android applications is also increasing. Of course, the apps that ease our journey are also growing at the same pace. Here are the best Android apps you can use while traveling:


1. Hostelworld


Whether you’re on the road or in a stationary place, you can list cheap accommodation options for the destination you’re going via Hostelworld’s free Android application menu. When you write the name of the city in the search box, you will find hotels and hostels in the city filtered from 27,000 registered hostels belonging to 6,000 destinations worldwide.

When examining listed hotels, it would be beneficial to look at 2 parameters. One is the score given by the hotel guests for the hotel and the other is the reviews about the hotel. These parameters ​​might help to make judgement about quality / price balance. Hostelworld Android app includes over 3.5 million reviews.

With this Android application, you can get detailed information about the hotel and the vicinity as well. If the places you will visit in the city are gathered in a region, you can choose nearby hotels. Thus, transportation costs remain in your pocket and you may save money.

If you still do not know what the hostel is, take a 5-minute break and learn. You will not regret.


2. CouchSurfing


Couchsurfing is the world’s largest social community for travelers. It brings travel lovers together and is one of the most beautiful ways to explore different cultures. Beyond giving you free accommodation, it allows to stay in the family’s homes and learn cultures closely.

With the Couchsurfing Android app, you can sort the profiles by destination to find people to host you, examine them, send requests to hosts, and read incoming replies.

If you still do not know what Couchsurfing is, take a 5-minute break and learn.


3. TripAdvisor

TripAdvisor is the world’s largest travel site with over 375 million monthly visitors per month, more than 250 million user reviews written by 84 million members, and excellent travel plans and reviews.

Trip Advisor serves as a guide to those who plan to travel. When you decide to go to a country or a city, think about a few things you need to plan: Where should I stay? Which places should I see? Where can I eat? TripAdvisor Android travel app helps you to review the recommendations of people who have already experienced your destination.


4. XE Currency

XE Currency

Are you good in mathematics? Is not it hard to exchange the currency of every country you go by calculating? This is one of the most useful Android applications when traveling abroad. International currency conversion application, XE Currency can be used offline even if the tablet or phone is not connected to the internet.


5. Google Maps

Whether you use an Android or iOS device, one of the indispensable resources of every traveler is Google Maps. With Google Maps, you can always find your way in the geographies especially where you have trouble communicating. Just enter the place you think you want to visit in Google Maps.

When you leave your hotel, note the coordinates or the exact address not to get lost. When you need to go back to the hotel after you have visited the city, simply enter the address of the hotel and get back to the hotel easily. So, you won’t have to ask addresses to the locals. When you travel by taxi, follow the route from the phone or tablet screen to prevent to be deceived.


Top 5 Android Apps for a Comfortable Travel
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