Turkey’s Healing Hot Springs

Turkey's Healing Hot Springs attract thousands of patients seeking treatment.

Hot Springs are an excellent resort for kidney, rheumatism, muscle, bone, gall bladder, skin, diabetes and respiratory disorders. There are also specific illnesses that each spa give a cure. Some hot springs are especially preferred for those with kidney diseases, others for treating skin diseases. We are sharing with you the springs that are beneficial for particular diseases.


The Right Spa Treatment

Spa treatment depends on the type of the diseases. Bathing therapy is applied 15 to 20 times during an average 2-3 weeks of treatment. Daily or every other day cures are taking a day off once a week. Patients enjoy water during the bathing times between 2 and 25 minutes. After the healing baths, continuous fluid support prevents dehydration. In addition to exercises in water, the circulatory system needs to be accelerated. Patients should have a diet of mainly fruits and vegetables. Furthermore, taking a rest for up to 1 hour after each bath is useful for the right treatment.

Thermal Hotels in Turkey

Which spa is good for your disease?

Ankara Beypazari Thermal Springs are high-class resorts for bone, respiration, cardiovascular, gynaecology and muscular diseases. Ankara Haymana Spa facilities are good for rheumatism, kidney, digestive cardiovascular and pediatric diseases. People with neurological diseases, muscle-bone disorders, cholesterol diseases, respiratory disorders, obesity problems and women with gynecological problems prefer Ankara Kizilcahamam Thermal Springs.

Afyon Gazligol Spa Hotels are the choice of patients with rheumatic diseases, respiratory, digestive and diabetic patients. Afyon Sandikli Thermal Springs offers great treatments for people with skin problems, liver, gallbladder problems, digestive, muscle, bone problems, and diabetes.

Aydin Burhaniye Ortakci Thermal Springs help patients with kidney, diabetes, obesity, muscle, bone, liver and gallbladder. Aydin Germencik Alangullu Thermal Springs is the right destination for people seeking remedy for cardiovascular problems, cholesterol, digestive diseases, rheumatic disorders and visual complaints. Kızıldere Spring in Aydin offers healing patients with obesity, diabetes, liver and kidney illnesses.

Best Thermal Hotels in Turkey

Balıkesir Gonen Hot Springs is a great resort for rheumatism, digestion, respiration, gallbladder, sugar and liver diseases. Susurluk Kepekler Thermal Spring features the remedy for muscle-bone, gynecological and pediatric diseases.

Bolu Thermals are ideal for cardiovascular, high fat in blood, obesity, digestion and muscle-bone problems.

Bursa Gemlik Armutlu Thermal Springs provide the cure for rheumatic problems, liver diseases, gallbladder, digestive and respiratory diseases.

Denizli Pamukkale Thermal Spa Facilities offer special therapies for heart-vessel, sugar, urology, liver, gallbladder, digestive, respiratory, muscle and bone diseases.

Those who suffer from dermatological problems, rheumatic diseases, and respiratory diseases find treatment in Diyarbakir Cermik Hot Springs.


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Be careful in Spa Treatment

It is important that a definite diagnosis of the disease is made before the spa treatment. Patients should consult with doctors for the systemic internal check on spa cure. In inflammatory illnesses, systemic infections and rheumatic disorders in the hot periods, thermal treatments are not suitable.

Hot water is not right in cases of severe anemia, cancer, hemorrhagic conditions, pregnancy and postpartum periods. In addition, the spa treatment is not good for patients with organ failure, hypertension, severe vascular disease, widespread varicose, and epilepsy history.

Guests who do not have warm endurance may choose alternative support treatments instead of spa treatments.

Basically, spa treatments are alternative medical activities. By choosing the proper spa for your problem, you can support the modern medical treatment with a few weeks of sessions. Especially in skin diseases sanitation of the facility is of high importance. Scrutinize the resorts before your visit and opt for facilities after reviewing the certificate of competency.


Turkey’s Healing Hot Springs
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